Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pinwheel time

Jenn. you espcially would appreciate this post. Bring your mind back to this time last year. When you had burns on your fingers from making blue ribbons.....And you got to flirt with a certain photographer while planting 500 pinwheels in the hard ground.
Yup. It is that time again. Preparation time for my busy time at work...Child Abuse Prevention month. I was so sad this year that I didn't have Jenn to help me stick those pinwheels in the ground. 500 of them......However I did have one volunteer come help me. You should have seen me, pregnant me, balancing on that steep hill and trying to stick those pinwheels in a straight line. It was hilarious. the volunteer that helped me had hers all in a row. Mine were defionatly not straight, since I can't even draw a straight line. Please pray that God can use me to get the imporant message of Child abuse prevention out to the community.
I love love Spring. I can smell it in the air, and it makes me so happy(I know Todd you can't smell it, but you can at least pretend). I love the new life that God springs up. I am feeling some new life breathed in me as well. I am learning some of the same things as JEnn(check out her blog) about applying God's truth to my life. It sounds simple...but well really it is the best attack we have against the great deciever who tells us horrible lies all the time.....It is our SWORD. And I am a warrior....A princess warrior of course, when I weild that truth, Satan runs away. So find some bible verses that deal with your struggles, and shout them out to Satan, and watch him run. THen you can be as intimidating as me. hehhe. ARen't I intimidating. Picture me with a big sword!


whatanamateur said...

Two things:

1) Photographer?? Jenn was flirting with a photographer? Was he cute and did he love Jesus?

2) I completely disagree with Todd. You can definitely smell seasons. Fall and Spring are the easiest to smell, but it's possible to smell all of them if you really believe.

Jenn said...

i love this post. This brings back very fond memories of the pinwheel planting.. however not so found memories of making those beautiful memores. However, it does bring memories back or lind-z and i when everyone else was gone for some reason (maybe training i don't remember) finding those pins as an exscuse to sit in the sun for hours and make them. I am suprised that you didn't have a ton of pins left over. I love your post sister. How cool is it that God is teaching us the same things. He is really really teaching me alot and I am doing great now.. i am not letting old lucy and his lies get me down. nope.. i got my praise on and jesus had to flee. I will send you an e-mail as sono as I can. I would right now but it's late and i am an old grandmom and the power just came back on but i am going to bed. My plan is to call you on saturday night which would be saturday morning or evening for you because usually the reception is good then. Can't wait to hear your voice. I love you. ps did you get your pic taken in becky's lovely shorts?

Jenn said...

guess what i did.. i got my nose pierced today-- can you believe it! i'm crazy huh?

Jenn said...

i saw a picture of you at nathan and sarah's wedding and you looked absolutly beautiful... sexy pregant mama.. i don't know why you didn't feel beautiful that day. Everybody probablly from nepal thought that you were them until they say you look so beaitufl and like a girl.... we don't get showers that often around here :-)