Tuesday, November 3, 2009

God Moves Around the World

What a privledge to be sitting in the Most home in Nicaragua writing a post About God. It is such a blessing to get out of our American Box and see what God is doing around the world. I am so thankful that our wonderful church sent us here to Nicaragua. We have been beyond blessed, and challenged by the work God is doing here. We in the Estados Unidos(US) could learn so much from Karl and kathy and their ministry here. They have been the most gracious hospitable people to Todd and I. We feel sometimes like we are staying at a Bed and Breakfast:) It is weird to not be chasing after little man all day too. We were supposed to come here to be an encouragement to them, but they have encouraged us and challenged us by watching their lives.
Todd and I were privledged early sunday morning(5:30)to travel with Karl and his national partner their monthly training in a city an hou, evr from Managua. What a blessing. Karl's main ministry focus here is to train National nicaraguan youth leaders to reach their country for Christ. It was a blessing to see that in action. We were there all day, listening to this training which teaches the youth leaders to get out of their church box and into affecting the community for Christ. They have the same problem our american churches have. We go to the church all the time and do the church thing but we aren't reaching into the community. it was so neat to watch these Nicaraguan leaders learn new things and participate in group learning about how to impact their community. They were so hospitable to Todd and i, even though we struggled greatly to communicate. They speak much faster than my college spanish teacher:)hehhe. But what I did catch was amazing. Todd and I learned alot. Monday was spent learning aboutt eh Nehemiah center, which Karl works with. It is an amazing mixture of national Nicaraguan leaders and other mission organizations, all different denominations working together with one goal. To traing Nicaraugan Christians to reach their people. What an empowering ministry. It was so cool to see how they all work together. It is a picture of what heaven will be like, I believe.People of every tribe, tounge, and nation. It wont just be white baptists in heaven:) It is so incredible to see the vision of Karl and the Nehemiah center, and how it is actually happening and making a difference. What a mighty God we serve! I was convicted by my lack of impact on the community around me. Karl and his Nicaraguan team are willing to get involved in the messiness of true discipleship. One of those ways is reaching out to street gangs. Todd got to go and meet them and see the difference Christ is making in their lives. Glory. I am just taking it all in. We think God needs us, Americans. We are the ones to change lives. God doesn't need us. He allows us to be a part of what he is doing.
Besides all of this we are learning, we are just plain enjoying ourselves. It is November and I have been swimming every day for exerise. Glory. They gave us a tour of Managua yesterday. Jenn, Todd and I drank some coffee at a coffee place just for you. And it was amazing.We have laughed with karl, kathy, jared and corey,, and enjoyed being a part of their family. Please pray God would show us how we can best be an encouragement and blessing to them! I love seeing God work here, and knowing that our tiny little church in East Branierd has a part in that.