Monday, May 26, 2008

Family fishing contest winnner~

Notice that my fish is much bigger than my hubbies fish:) I caught a keeper that time. He did not:)
Another shot of my fish which is bigger than his:) Doesn't my dad loook like a serious fisherman in his hat.
Aren't we cute in our bright lifejackets:)
We had so much fun going out on the boat with the fam.

My mom's fish is bigger than my dads. Notice a pattern? I was so thankful to my parents for letting Todd and I share the boat on Sat for a nice relaxing day on the lake. We got to fish, eat hamburgers on the boat, and Todd and I even went for a very cold swim...Alex enjoyed his first swim.
And I won the family fishing contest. LEt's just say...I've got skills!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Preggie pics for Jenn

Todd, Alex and Me
This is me and Alex
This is our gingerbread fam that will be going in Alex's nursery that his grandparents so generously bought for him.
This is me and Todd and our gingerbread fam!

This is me and my cute hubbie and Alex after putting on the Ritz

Monday, May 19, 2008

my preacher man hubs and more

First, in this blog ,i wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful handsome preacher man. I've never seen a more handsome man preach as I did on Sunday morning...hehhe. Sorry Sterling, but I am a bit biased. I was so proud to hear Todd on sunday morning. God truly spoke to him. Nothing makes him more alive than him sharing the gospel, and he did it in such a clear wonderful way. As I was driving toward Knoxville for bridesmaids dress shopping, I just couldn't help but thank God He had given me such a wonderful man of God as a hubbie. I know he is going to be the best daddy to alex.
Bridesmaids shopping with Shawna was fun. I kindof had to make a shot in the dark to decide what size I will be seven weeks after little alex comes into the world...HOpefully I made the right decision. I loved the dress! Latte brown with a clover green sash, and peek a boo slip. It is a very flattering dress, and hopefully will look good on me even post baby:)Shawna was the most gorgeous thing though. The dress she bought was beautiful. I love how faitful God is to bring her and Harrison together. Isn't God just so faithful!
With all the drama Todd and I have had with our cars lately, I have defionatly been learning how much unbelief in God I still have. He is so big if we can just see that we can trust him it makes life alot easier. And he has defionatly come through in our car situation. THe red car is finally driving legally, after we got it out of the shop and passed our emissions test! The green going bye bye......But the insurance company is giving us above and beyond for it! Praise God. Pray for us as we look for another car!
God does more than we can ask or imagine!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Betty Crocker I am not.....

WEll.....I feel very inferior compared to my wonderful betty crocker sis Jenn, who apparently knows how to make yummy homemade bagels.......hmmmm...I just go to the store and buy them. Because well, to make my espcially special and wonderful mom feel special and wonderful for mother's day, I attempted making her homemade cinnamon rolls for her mother's day brunch....let me just tell you. They defionatly did not turn out yummy, espically for the crazy amount of work that went into making them. Even drowning them in icing did not make them taste better. I must say from now on...I will proudly and gladly buy the Pillsbury dough boy version, which takes 10 minutes to make as opposed to two days:) But I hope my mommy felt very special and loved anyway..Because I defionatly am so blessed to have the most wonderful, loving, fun, and wise mom in the world....who listens to me whenever I want to talk and has always been there for me. By golly, she deserved some good cinnamon rolls. but that did not happen. Hopefully the homemade quiche made up for it, however, and the homemade pancakes.....I pray she felt as special and wonderful as she is...
by the way, several times I have attemped cinnamon rolls, and several times they have not worked out....they have almost been the death of our marriage..when Todd sees me frustrated and throwing the dough around the kitchen( I kid you not). He has decided it would be best for me, and our marriage if I don't attempt them anymore:)hehhe. HE is the best most patient and loving hubbie around!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our future soccer player

I"m sorry for more posts about Alex Michael. I guess he is just one of the biggest things on my mind right now. I just had to share that last night, he was super excited and kicking alot. Todd got to feel him kick for the first time. It was so sso exciting. It is amazing the gift of having a living baby inside your womb. God is so amazing. I think it was the pinto beans and rice I had for dinner that really got Alex kicking!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Camp Livingstones fun

Well, what a fun Saturday I had. It was Camp Livingstones 10 year anniversary, which happened to be the place I fell in love with my wonderful hubbie and had my fun wedding reception. It was so so much fun to go back to that great place and celebrate all the wonderful ways God has worked in that place and in my life! It is absolutely amazing to look back on the plans God has for us. I remember many days of pouring my heart to the Lord at camp, never dreaming that God would answer my prayers two years later for the love of my life to decide he wanted to be my hubbie:) I was just almost in tears when Arthur was leading worship, just thinking about how Good God is! I was also surrounded by babies there. There were babies everywhere. It excited me to know that in just a few short months I will have my very own to hold. Glory! i can't wait. My very own boy at that. Have I mentioned how much I love Alex Michael. I also go the wonderful chance to catch up with the wonderful Casey Gann at camp. We got to steal away for awhile and I can't tell you how much of a blessing it was to me! I love that girl!
Todd and I were able to take one of our youth with us and another guy up to camp. We had a blast with them despite the rainy icky weather. Let me just say, me and Alyse kicked some tail in carpet ball, which has to be one of my new fav games. I would challenge anyone to play that with me! We also kicked some tail in the game of password. The boys just couldn't beat us......Alex Michael and I also watched Todd and Alyse go off the new zipline at camp. It looked like a blast, but I didn't think Alex would appreciate the thrill quite so much. i also saw my handsome man climb up to the top of the climbing wall.He was having way too much fun.
Please continue to pray for Todd and I as we are learning step by step to trust God. Also pray for my energy level, as last week I was past the point of exhausted every day. Probably from Emmaus. I also taught 575 kids in four days, which is a bit much for a preggie girl like me.
I am excited to see what God has in store for this week!