Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1/2 Marathon pics and more!

I think this pic speaks for itself! Glory Glory!
Kellie and Todd, my fans at Toots, which was a fun restaraunt we went too. Jenn, we were goign to continue to Corky's tradition, however, Corky's is now closed:(

Todd is the best hubbie ever. He made this shirt!

My Littlest fan!

I was ready to chow down on some ribs. I wanted to wear my medal to the restaraunt, but I felt the Bible might call that pride!

At this point, I was trying very hard to not throw up!

Me feeding little guy, while he was playing with my medal.

whoops, you already saw that one.

Hehhe. This is my a mazing running partner Kathy. She is 53! Wow. And she kicked my tail at the end. I have had a blast running with her, although you cant tell in this pic. I was really not feeling good, like I was going to throw up not good, so it wasn't the best pic. It was also 90 degrees outside!

Mile 10 I Was still happy. It went downhill after that:)

I had just finished. The dazed look on my face. Exactally how I felt;)

Mile 11! Having to dig deep inside to keep going! I was singing Hail Jesus your my king in my head to try to inspire me to keep going. I really wanted to jump in Alex's stroller!

Also mile 11. Notice my running partner Kathy in front of me. I couldn't make myslef keep up with her at that point.

My brightest fan!

Mile 10 water stop. I was still having fun.Alex didn't understand why mommy was running by and not feeding him

Mile 10 water stop.

That was at mile 2 when I first saw my fans;). I was still having a blast. It took me 45 min to get to the start because we were in the back wave. I was so excited to see Todd, Kellie and Alex. It was so fun in the beginning with all the bands and people. In fact, my coach ran up to Kathy and I and told us we were running TOO FAST. Crazy huh. I should have saved more of that energy for the end.
Thanks everyone for praying and encouraging me! What a blessing the whole experience was.

Alex loved meeting Shawna at Starbucks the other day.

Fam pic after church 2 weeks ago. I love my "in loves"

Another fam pic.

My bestest friend TJ who celebrates her bday tommorow. I love her so sos much.

Alex loves her too. He giggles everytime he sees her.

Alex and his fav buddy. Happy Bday TJ I love you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Did It!

Wahoo! I get teary eyed just thinking about it. I had a huge milestone in my physical/spiritual life today. I ran a 1/2 marathon. that would be 13.1 miles!!!18 months after having a baby. Without my running buddy Jenn. All the while raising 1400 dollars for a WONDERFUL organization Team in Training. There are really not words to describe how I feel today! (well besides the fact that right now everything hurts, and I can barely walk without looking like an old woman)....I can't believe that I just ran my second half marathon in my life! 8 MONTHS AFTER HAVING A BABY!Glory Glory. ANd might I say, besides my handsome hubbie Todd, Alex was the cutest cheerleader ever! I promsie I will post pics, and lots of details(mainly for you Jenn) but for now, I am fixing to amble my way upstairs for a much needed foot massage from my hubbie!
by the way, in case you are wondering. I finished the race in about 3 hours! Whaoo. 30 minutes off my goal time, but I defionatly hit a wall at mile 11! Mainly because my stomach was hurting from all the Cytomax, the energy drink they gave us. I drank alot because it was 90 DEGREES OUTSIDE! Yes. In April! I promise, I have never sweated more in my life. But I finished. glory glory glory!
Can't wait to post pics. Thanks for all your support! I love my "fans"
Glory to God. Not to me, but to his name be the glory.! He helped me do everybit of this. I can take no credit.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holy Week pics

Little Man loving on Gramps on Easter Sunday. He did have pants on, but he is so little we have a hard time keeping pants on him. Little man snuggling with gramps.

Posing for an Easter family meal.

Jenn, I took this pic just for you.

todd and I had nusery this morning. Look how cute. Alex is listening to the story along with the girls in the pretty dresses.

Doesn't Grammy look pretty in her easter shirt!E

Katie June put her hat on Alex. He thought he should wear the easter bonnet.

This is at the Passover Seder. Alex loves his girlfriend Anna Lee, and I love spending time with Andrea.

Andy reading part of the passover. IT was such an incredible worship experience.

Elijah's plate in Passover

The table set for passover

Alex, Nana, and Daddy

Alex playing with Nana.

Alex and Aunt Kellie

Alex "hunting for eggs". Actually he was not amused, and wanted to come inside. But I tried.

I really did feel like I had a Holy week this week. I celebrated Passover Seder at our friends Andy and Andrea Nichols Friday night. What a blessing!Then we went to the Passion walkthrough play at Southern University with our neighbors Saturday. It was Incredible! Very interactive! Alex got up close and personal with some Roman soldiers. Not sure how he felt about it.WE also go to go visit Nana and Pop and aunt kellie on Thursday. Then Sat. night we were blessed to have dinner with some good friends Daniel and mary Voght. Alex loves his buddy Titus, who is 3 weeks older than him and 25 pounds! And then today, Alex spent Easter at church, with mommy and daddy in the nursery with him, then we had the best meal ever at Grammy and Gramps!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jesus! My Passover Lamb

Wow. I am overwhelmed with just wanting to worship the Lord! Jesus took our place on the cross. I mean, you hear it all your life when you grow up in church. And sometimes it can become common place. But I don't want it to ever become common to me. I want it to transform me dailiy that Jesus made peace for me on the cross so I don't have to die and be seperated from God forever!
God is so provident. I am leading a beth moore study at our church. I was so upset Monday because the library gave Todd the wrong cd and it was too late to get the right one before bible study. so instead of doing week 3 of believing God, we did week 5. I figured the Lord must have a plan in there somewhere. Well Today I did day 3 of week 5 homework. it was all about Moses, and how "By faith he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of blood, so that the destroyer of the firstborn would not touch the firstborn of Israel."...The lesson went on to talk about Jesus being our Passover lamb(1 Cor. 5:7). Glory. And how in Col. 1:18-20 Christ is the firstborn from the dead. The Firsborn lamb made pead on the Passover by saving them from death. The firstborn from the dead, Christ made peace from his death on the cross for us!
Glory Glory. What perfect timing to read those scriptures during Holy Week leading up to Easter. Even better that tommorow night todd and I are having a passover seder meal at Andy and Andrea's house. I can't wait. I am so thankful for the death and RESUREction of Jesus. What hope we have!