Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alex's favorite things

This is a post of all of my(Alex's favorite things).This was inspired by Aunt Jenn, and I was sure she would want to know what all of my favorite things are. This Go vols sweatshirt is one of my favorite things to wear to keep me warm when me and mommy go jogging together.
The car seat is not one of my favorite things. However, I love the cool toy Aunt Laura gave me to go on it. And I love the "coat" that goes over it that Grammy and Gramps gave me. It keeps me warm espicially these days when it is so cold outside!
I love those plastic rings Aunt Becky and Uncle Tim gave me. I play with them all the time. And this doggie Aunt Brenda and Uncle Larry gave me sings, and it makes me smile even when I am crying.
I love my yummy rice cereal mixed with applesauce. Although my favorite food is pears. I gobble them up.
Look at me trying to crawl. I don't know if you can see, but my johnson's body wash is my favorite. I even try to eat it when mommy and daddy are giving me a bath.
I"m not a huge fan of taking a bath, but my favorite thing is mommy and daddy singing splish splash I'm taking a bath at the top of their lungs. I also like the duck I chew on.
My favorite toy in the world is that girafee. IT goes everywhere with me. The glowworm lights up and helps me fall asleep at night.
My hand is defionatly a favorite. It tastes good, and I put it in mymouth all the time!
I love this little girafee so much!Thanks Grammy and Gramps
I love to kick this ball. It is practice for soccer one day
Mommy and Daddy have this blankie in the floor at all times now. Because I love to roll around and try to eat the shag carpet. It is not good to swallow carpet fuzz. I love playing on this blankie in the living room.
My favorite thing to do is listen to Aunt Jenn talk to me from this talking box. I love her so much already.She's so pretty, like my mommy:)
I love my bouncer from aunt jenn. i have even figured out how to pull on the one that makes music.
Kay and Sterling gave this to me. IT lights up and sings and I love that!
Finally,, I just love all of you. All my wonderful fans. ! I'm the most blessed babe int he whole world!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random pics and Big News!

Alex loves loves to eat. This was one of his first attempts. He loves pears the best. He is so funny. IF we don't feed fast enough he sticks his neck out as far as he can and gets impatient. HE also wants to try to help with is hand.

Is that not one of the sweetest pics ever. JEnn, I am going to do a favorite things list, but this simple green swaddle blanket he is in tops the list as one of my favorite things, but it helps him sleep through the night....Also, the pacifer tops my list too. I"m not going to lie, I am a pacifer momma.

He hates getting in his car seat. that stinker. He has figured out how to bow his body so it is hard to get him in.

My fam was complaining of no pics of them. see there you are guys. They are the best aunts. We have so much fun together. this was at thanksgiving. we were laughing, and it was like 1 in the morning.

Another cute car seat pic.

well I'm sure you are dying to know the big news...Alex is so smart. He said his firstword yesterday.....And of course it was MAMA! It just warms my heart to think about it. Jenn you would be excited to know it also involved coffee. I was holding him and pourijng my morning cup of coffee and he said plain as day...mamma! Wahoo.ANd later on the morning he said dada. so todd was not left out. Heis so vocal and his personality is so much fun!
So my favorite things post....I will postthat soon.rightnow little man is crying for someattention!

Monday, January 12, 2009

random pics of cuteness..Who happens to be 5 months old!

Little man after his bath! Isn't he adorable!

Him getting a bath in Grammy and Gramps sink. You should see me and Daddy when we give him a bath. WE sing this crazy version of SPlish splash I'm taking a bath that I made up. Mommy printed off the real thing for us, so now we sing a mixture of my version and the real deal. He probably thinks we are crazy!
I know this is a Christmas pic, but I thought it was too cute. Alex and the nativity scene! They are as tall as him.

Marietta and Alex at the family Christmas. She loved him untill he drooled on her.

Check out Alex and Gramps sleeping together. Cute huh?

He loves Mommy's bear. It makes him laugh every time.

Look at my three favorite men. I am the most blessed gal in teh WHOLE world!

He is into this new thing. he eats his toes for hours on end. Isnt that hilarious!

I can't believe it has been five months today. This time five months ago he was being taken care of in the special care nursery and I was freaking out because I was worried about him, and I was really tired.....It is amazing what a blessing these five months have been. I could never have imagined how much joy a litle one could bring me, and how much love I would have for this precious gift from the Lord. I am so blessed!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My romantic daddy

My daddy is such a romantic. He bought this for my mom for her knee surgery tommorow. I thought it was adorable. And Alex loves it! So I just had to put some pics of him enjoying mommy's toy. I love that my parents have been married 29 years, and my dad still brings suprises home for my mom. He is such a good example and that is how I found me such an incredible romantic hubbie! I love my daddy, and my hubbie....And isn't Alex the cutest!
Check out my $7. jeans Jenn. glory to God!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas with the Humberts, and our Perfect Day!

The other day, we had the perfect day. It was 65 degrees outside, and Todd was on vacation, so we took a family day. God totally blessed us. we went hiking to G Creek to the bluffs....This pic is on the way back. As you can see, Alex was totally worn out:)

closer view of the sleeping hiker. Daddy did all the work, while Alex enjoyed the ride.

I love this pic on the bluffs. Alex is not a fan of his hat:)

Who knew 4 months ago that I could nurse Alex while on a mountain bluff:)He is under there snacking away.

Isn't God's creation gorgeous.

Alex loved the waterfalls.

That is defionatly a strenous hike but well worth it.

Alex and his litle hiking buddy.We had so much fun. WE hiked, had a picnic of pb a j and peanut mand ms. yum yum.we got to read psalms and sing praise songs to Jesus. After that we drove to Etowah, and went to the sundry store and scored on $1 New England coffee. Wahoo.....Then we decided to drive to CLS. WE got to visit mamma and Pappa Smeltzer. They just got a WI so we played WI with them.Then they blessed us and took us out to dinner. What a wonderful, blessed Day. Todd and I talked about 2009 and what we wanted to see God do. We didn't make it rhyme though Jenn.

This is Todd and I at the Humbert/Sluder family Christmas. WE had a great time together.

Me and my fab sis in law Kellie. I love her so much .

Uncle Tim loved playing with Alex.

Casey came to visit, and we got to go out and hang out as girls while Grammy babysat. I had so much fun with her. She blessed me so much. And I found $7 jeans with her. Glory be to tHe Lord on high. I have been so blessed and spoiled by the Lord lately. I love New Year. IT always reminds me his mercies are new every morning. New each year. I can't wait to see what he has in store for me this year. I am focusing on Choosing THIS day whom I will serve. i want to choose the Lord! Happy New Year!