Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby on the blog

Do you realize that my baby countdown on the blog is counting days now......not weeks....Just thought I would let you know.....remember when he looked like a little peanut. Now he is a very active, growing baby! something days untill Alex comes to visit us. Wow!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pics from work baby shower for Alex and I:)

This was my wonderful cake for me and baby Alex. It tasted wonderful! Linz did a good job picking it out. I defionatly had 2 slices, one for me and one for Alex. And the cutest thing is you get the keep the booties and write his birthdate and booties...By the way, I'm starting a contest to guess the actual due date. LEt me know your thoughts. Whoever wins will get.....the prize of knowing you guessed right:)
Here is me and my big pregnant self, next to all the yummy food. They really looked out for me with the big bowl of salt and vinegar potato chips, which I can defionatly eat my weight in!Also, you cant see it, but JEnn, Vicki spoiled me with her yummy fruit tea. The best stuff ever!
Me and the beautiful Shawna cheesing for photo.
I just had to take a pic of Shawna's bling for you Jenn. Isn't it beautiful.
Me, making a cheesy face to cut the cake. I wore my missionary pearls in honor of you Jenn.
Sorry I didn't get more pics of my wonderful, amazing coworkers, however, as amazing and wonderful as Teresa is, the rest of the pics did not turn out, they were too dark. She admited herself she was not a photographer. So anyways. I just thought I would share Alex's first party pics with you guys!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lovelady's Lake House and peach cobbler

I just thought that sounded like a fun title. I had the MOST incredible weekend in good ole Tuscaloosa Alabama with one of my fav people in the world, Casey Gann. What a wonderful girls weekend I had!(Although don't worry Todd, I missed you more than you know the whole time you were in New York and I am so glad you are back!). I drove down Thursday night after work, and arrived to a homecooked dinner from Casey waiting on me. I was totally impressed. She made amazing parmesan chicken, not to be confused with chicken parmesan. We headed out to the Lovelady's lakehouse for a wonderful weekend. Wow! It was gorgeous. So many windows, with views of the lake everywhere.
Friday was the Perfect day! I mean.....when else can you sleep in, spend 2 hours uninteruppted with Jesus, lay around in your pajamas, go floating in the lake, put your pjs back on and watch a movie(a girlie movie of course), make soup and homemade peach cobblerish stuff(yum yum ask casey for the recipe), then watch another girlie movie. I can't tell you the last time I have had a day where I did not have a schedule. It was amazing, and the weather was perfect!By the way, are you impressed that this big, and getting much bigger every day 7 month pregnant momma could successfully get on a float in the lake!...well mind you they were really good floats, not a flimsy plastic one, but still I was impressed with myself:)
Sat. was much the same, with more lounging and laying on the lake. I am still waiting on my tan to appear. Then we went shopping, cuz my wonderful friend Casey took me shopping...she is just too good. Then we went to her church's supper club..where guess what. WE had more peach cobbler. Apparently that is the fav dessert in Alabama.
Sunday was great, with a very convicting sermon at church.....Actually, as relaxing as this whole weekend was, God defionatly used it to convict me of alot of things. I have become a little complacent and lazy in my walk with God....I want to actively seek to grow in him every day and not be content to stay the same. Even if that requires work!
But of course this morning I hit the snooze button too many times to hear from the Lord. So I guess I will have to put into practice all I learned tommorow instead
Casey...Thanks for an amazing weekend. you totally spoiled me,and I had a BLAST! That is one trip I will remember for a long time. I love you!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Casey's survey(I don't want to let you down..I'll try to be as cheesy as possible;)

. What was I doing 10 years ago? Wow. I was a sophmore in college, still in the akward phase where I wasn't the coolest cat around(like I am now). I was probably going to some church camp or mission trip, because that is what I spent my whole summer doing when I was in highschool. Which means I was probably staying up to late, putting gummy bears on the toilet(yes I did that) and making lists with all my friends of the cutest guys in our youth group, and who we were going to marry and why...hehhe
2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today?
Clean my horrible kitchen. It looks like a natural disaster area. Is it bad to still have dishes on the counter from Thursday?
Finish washing clothes, cuz Todd is leaving for new york tommorow:(
Buy some decongestant/allergy medicine,as soon as I can find the list from my doc telling e what I can take
Be productive at work
Pick up my cute hubbie from the bus stop, since we are still currently sharing one car. ON the plus side, just think of how enviornmentally savy that makes us.
3. Snacks I enjoy:
Icecream is top on my list! Anytime...And since I've been pregnant, that makes salt and vinegar potato chips a high priority!
4. Places I’ve lived:
Harrison, TN, Athens, TN, a freshman boys dorm, and Apision TN
5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:Give money to every person who wrote me a missionary support letter, go visit Jenn in Nepal,go on a really cool trip to the mountains somewhere with my hubbie, buy a car........this could get a bit overwhelming.
6. People I want to know more about:
Jesus. Amy Carmicheal. Ruth Bell Graham. Beth Moore
7. Name two things you have in common with Oprah:
hmm......our beautiful dark skin:)hehhe....I'm just not really sure
8. You can tell a lot about a person by…
how much they laugh and smile, how they treat their parents and family.
9. Are you a yeller when you get angry?
only to jenn back in the day when we fought over who got to wear what outfit;)....I may have at one point yelled at Todd, but I'm not really sure
10. Have you ever danced in public?
Yes. I am not at all a good dancer, but I love to dance with Todd(who has the rythym of a black person)
11. What did you do to deserve your first detention?
I was tardy I think?
12. What did you do to deserve your first paddling?
I never had a paddling at school. Only getting spanked by the fly swatter by my parents
13. Name three things you like about the town you live in.
It is close to lots of things.
It only has one stopsign.
It is so tiny we can say we are going to town:)
14. Name four things that you love to do.
Jog(that was before I was pregnant, now I am doing good to walk up stairs)
Go on dates with my hubbie
Feel Alex kicking inside of me
15. Name something unusual you carry with you wherever you go.
Hehe...when I was doing classes in the schools, my crate of puppets rode with me in the car wherever I go...does that make me weird?!
16. What’s your favorite website? I say I am a bit obsessive to check it.
I wouldn’t even know where to begin!
17. Where and when was your first kiss?
At my wedding...Glory. To the most handsome guy in the whole world. However, lets just say the first kiss wasn't the best. It just gave us more chances to practice our technique later.18. What would an enemy have to say about you?
I don't know if I have any enemies currently?
19. Favorite childhood memory. Going on Hand family camping trips, which generally turned out to be disasters in really fun, memory making ways! I loved our trip to Canada where Jenn and I rode in the back seat the whole way in Suburu brat seats.
20. Any regrets?
of course..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jesus Paid it All!

I was worshipping this morning during my quiet time, listening to the Passion C.D. I unearthed from JEnn's old trunk(along with moldy dishes and plenty of used coffee cups..ect. ect:)).....The song Jesus Paid It all had me on my face. I just forget the awesome sacrifice Jesus paid for me. I hear the verses in Romans about the gospel, and it almost becomes routine for me. But this morning I was reminded anew that Jesus sacrificed for my sins.........Simple truth but life changing, you know. Or it should be life changing. I should be living out every day of my life in response to that gift, and knowing that because of him I have everything I need for life and godliness!
Enough preaching. Just had to share that with you. I have a doctor's appointment today, and I get to see Alex again. Wahoo. I can't wait. He is a mover and shaker. I can't believe how much he moves inside me. I could be having the worst day, and I will feel him moving around and it just makes me smile. If he has as much energy outside the womb, he is going to have some very tired parents:)
Please pray for T.J. and her fam right now......Her mom needs complete and total physical healing from the Lord, and they all need supernatural peace from the Lord right now. If you think about it, go to her blog and leave her a comment. I don't have the address memorized, but if you look in one of my comments you will see her name angelonwheels!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Grandaddy's cereal and more

Well. I just got back from spending three days with my extended fam in Georgia. I had a wonderful time.....But the highlight of the trip for me and Alex...Getting to eat cereal and oranges with my wonderful grandad. He has been eating the same cereal for as long as I have known him. And only he can make the combination just right. Total flakes, fiber one cereal, and wheat germ, all combined in the perfect combination. I may not make since to some of you all, but it is just the perfect combination. My grandad also let me beat him in one game of backgammon. That is a big deal too:)
I had a great time with my fam. I got to see both of my fun and incredible cousins....I was espically excited to spend time with my cousin Jeanan, who I don't get to spend time with very often. I think all we did was eat...and eat some more..........But don't ask my Aunt Brenda about her experience at Logan's...She might turn red with anger again...hehhe that was an interesting dining experience.
If you think about it, please pray for Todd and I as we continue to prepare for this baby. We are needing much wisdom from the Lord on many things. Pray God shows us step by step what we are supposed to do and that we can trust him for big things during this transition time.