Wednesday, July 30, 2008

you know your pregnant if......

You know you're ready to pop with a baby if.....
1. it takes you ten minutes to turn from one side to the other at night
2. you have to pea ten times a night
3. if you drop something, you might get down to get it and not be able to get back up
4. sometimes your stomach bounces up and down like someone is playing basketball inside you. it is actually quite amusing to watch.
5. you have a complete emotional breakdown over a pair of glasses....yup...that leads into my story of God's see, last week, on Tuesday, I was laying down and leaned up to give my cute hubbie a kiss. And my glasses got caught in my hair and snapped in two.....Which led to a complete emotional breakdown on my part, because is was stressing about having to get new glasses.....hehhe. I'm not sure Todd knew what to do with me..Then comes part two of the story...
Part Two...I had one pair of contacts left...And I haven't been to the eye doc in 2 1/2 years...Well Monday.....My contact ripped.....yup....of course. So my eye was killing me, and then I was reall y stressing...And todd was going to have to meet me in cleveland with my taped up ghetto glasses because I couldn't see...This led to A COMPLETE MELTDOWN!Seriously, I could not stop crying..At work of all places. i was trying to hide in the bathroom. My face was seriously as red and splotchy as it gets. ANd I HAD to pull myself together because I had a parenting class to teach in 10 minutes....I escaped to Linz's office to cry....And I think she..and my hubbie probably thougth I was crazy. I cried on an off all day. Hilarious huh...Now it really makes me laugh.
Part Three of my story.....God provides!!!!!!!!!!Call me vain, but I was really struggling with the idea of wearing taped up glasses the rest of my life....So I prayed about it on Tuesday( I was feeling much more sane)...And decided the Lord was leading me to go to a certain store in Chatt town. The purple store to be exact....And Wow. Did God lead me to the right place. I loved the doc, and the best is only 39 dollars for an eye exam..but then..The Lord showed me complete favor. He gave me a Christian man to help me. Who really took care of Todd and I.....I finally(after a gazillion pairs) found the PERFECT pair of glasses for me. Which I love love love. And they were more expensive($199) than the other pair I liked second best($165). So he gave me them for $165. Then he took 20% of that. Then....They did not charge me to put the thin lenses in(becuz my prescription is so strong)...because all the HAPPENED to have was the thin ones. So....I saved $60 from that. Then.....he gave me a free pair of contacts for each eye(even though I didn't even have a contact eye exam)..Can I say...GLoRY!. And the glasses were made in 10 min...Get this.They fit my face EXACTALLY! My face is so small, and hard to fit, that it had to be a God thing. He made those glasses for me! Isn't he faithful.
So I am going to try from now on to limit my emotional breakdowns untill the baby comes. Pics of the new glasses and my last baby shower will be coming soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alex...Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!

If you read my blog frequently, you probably notice my LIttle Alex floating around happily in the corner...Did you notice that today it said....22 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't tell you how fast that makes my heart beat. In fact, he could very well come sooner than that. I went to my dreaded doctor's visit Tuesday...Dreaded well, because now is the time the "not so fun" stuff starts happening when I go to the doc, they don't just measure my belly:)...Well, it really wasn't that bad...And I must say..I am praising the Lord every day because I love my doctor and his whole staff. Who knew I would ever look forward to going to the doctor. But The doc the Lord allowed me to find is a perfect fit for me, always taking time for Todd and I, and to answer our questions and make us feel comfortable. His whole staff is amazing....
Anyways, I digress...He said baby alex is about 7 pounds now. Wahoo! And he also said..Well Alex could come anytime now. He thinks he will either come early, or right on time. He said he wanted me to wait at least until the beginning of August if at all possible..Do you realize that week:)...Wow! But he made me copies of my records to keep in my car and in my glove compartment to take to the hospital with me....He said I needed to keep those with me at all times.....Hello..Is this starting to freak anyone else out?..Cuz I came home and had a slight emotional breakdown..hehehe. I guess it just drove it home that baby alex is coming any time now...Which is so super super exciting. And scary at the same time. So i am kicking it into high gear to get ready for the baby, and get myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I can't wait to meet Alex face to face. By the way, I now officially have graduated from the baby care classes. I took Lamaze boot camp and baby health and safety..Monday I took the three and 1/2 hour breast feeding class, which Todd gracioiusly bowed out of going to. It was very informative...OF course, since it lasted from 6:30 to 9:00 at night. Who doesn't want to go to a class that has a stuffed boob the instructor holds Up:)hehhe.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More baby shower pics...From TJ's shower. What a blast we had

My wonderful mom in law and mamaw, and Elizabeth and Lori Watson,
The amazing hostesses of my shower. I felt like I was at a bed and breakfast. This is Tj's mom, aunt, and cousin.
Me, and the beautiful TJ, and Shawna cheesing. We had a blast.
Me and my wonderful momma.
My cute gingerbread man at my table. How cute is that. They had the best table set up. I felt like I was at a bed and breakfast. I had so much fun at this shower! And thanks Jenn, for your wonderful bath toys. I loved them. I can't wait to , I mean I can't wait to let Alex play with them:)

Shower pics from the church shower and more(for you Jenn)

This is me and Todd with our favorite present for Alex. From of course....Aunt Jenn....She is so thoughtful and Alex is going to LOVE her. I can't wait to see him play with his little rocker! Of course Jenn. Todd would have to put in a pun right now....Alex..Rocks:):)
This is me and Todd(with me looking very pregnant)with another wonderful gift from Our Incredible Aunts(Laura and Brenda. you know who you are).......We LOVE this jogging stroller, and can't wait to use it! Half marathon here I come!
Not only did our wonderful church family come to the shower, but also our wonderful family too!
Todd and I beside our wonderful cake....There will be a close up in a minute. Lisa Jaycoks has to be one of the most talented people in the world.

Is that not the coolest cake ever. In case you didn'tnotice, we have a gingerbread theme. That is how our nursery will be decorated.

We were so blessed by our church family and real family. They totally went all out and showered us with their love..Alex is going to be one spoiled little boy. But spoiled in Jesus name, so I guess it will be ok.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog detention

Ok since Jenn put me in blog detention for not writing lately, I will give you guys who hang on my every word an update.....It just seems like so much has been going on lately. And I was hoping to wait to put pics from my church baby shower up Sat for my next post. However, I have to wait untill I can get to my parent's house to do that. So for now, your just stuck reading my profound thoughts...I promise I will get the pics though.
Last weekend and this week have overflowed with blessings!Last Friday, Todd and I got to practice being parents, and babysat the cutest kid in the whole world...Kelby......It was a blast. Todd is going to be the best daddy ever! I made him change Kelby's diaper, because he never has..I was praying it would be a poopy diaper, but it was not:(...Don't worry soon(29 days according to my blog)he will be getting plenty of practice.
Sat. was a great day! The church went all out for my shower...Wow! Thanks so much esp to Andrea, who worked really hard to get it all together. Todd and I felt overwhelmed, loved, and blessed. The pics will tell the story better, I won't give the theme and cake away until you see the pics but it was amazing. Alex got so much stuff. It was such a blessing. Also to have my cousins there meant so much to me. IT was great. And the best part......My bestest friend in the whole world, who I was so excited to talk to on the phone the other day(that would be you Jenn) bought little Alex the coolest bouncer/toddler rocker. He is going to LoVE it!
Sat night Todd and I went to Crystal Shire's wedding. IT was GORGEOUS! and very Christ centered. I'm such a sappy romantic, I love going to weddings.
Monday I celebrated the best gift God has ever given me besides salvation birthday. THat's right. My hubbie turned 25. I am so blessed to have him(but I"ll try to cut out the cheesiness JEnn).WE got to go on a quick date night to provinos(free on your bday), which was great. THen we went to a very informative baby health and safety class. We learned all kinds of cool stuff.
Tuesday we had our fam bday party for him, so he got to celebrate two days in a row...I love when our families get together. WE have a blast.
Well that's the update for now. I promise to post pics. God is so good! Just wanted to remind you of that. He is teaching me so much lately about his forgiveness. We are so blessed to have a forgiving God..And one who gives us the opportunity to walk in victory EVERY day! Glory

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Five pounds and growing.....

Wahooo...My little Alex is growing. I don't know why that makes me such a proud momma, but it does. Every time we had an ultrasound, they always talked about how small he was. So I have to admit, I was a tad bit worried about my little Alex. In fact, they didn't think he would even be over six pounds when he was born....But...When I went to the doctor yesterday, and he was feeling around my stomach, he estimated that Alex is already five or six pounds! Wahoo!!!!!!It was just reassuring to me that he is still growing in my tummy(which you can defionatly see on the outside, since I am expanding every day)....I go again in two weeks, then I start going every week...Did you notice on the blog it says I have 38 days to go..Wow!
Well anyways. In other news. i had the best weekend!Thursday night I had a spontaneuous get together at my messy house. Todd's mom and Bill and Kellie, and my mom and dad came over and had hotdogs and other random stuff I could pull together to eat. Then we went and watched the Collegedale fireworks, sponsored by the makers of Little Debbie. It was a great show, but the most fun part was being together with both of my wonderful families. We laughed alot, and had a blast.
Fourth of July was a VERY productive day. .I was cracking the whip with my poor hubbie. I guess I am nesting..We finally got Alex's room cleaned out..Wahoo! We even got the crib set up.Not only was it a productive day, but a fun one. Who knew cleaning out could be so much fun. Todd and I laughed and cut up together all day. IT is so great to have a best friend for a hubbie:)
Sat we babysat for three kids all day so their parents could have some time together(she is about to pop with her fourth babe on the way). We had a blast practicing being parents. Then Sunday I went to eat with my sunday school girls....
I'm sorry this post is so long. I will end it for now, and will tell you about the GREAT CAKE DISASTER later. It was the only black spot to my great weekend, and it may still be too painful to talk about:)hehhe.I'll share after I go to therapy about it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At the banks of the Jordan River

Well, didn't that sound like a good gospel song:).....I just have to say I feel like yesterday I stuck my toe in the "jordan river" on the way to the Promised Land God has for me in this next phase of my life....Ok....sorry for the OT analogies, but I must say, God allowed me to take a HUGE leap of faith yesterday. I told my job I would be leaving after I had baby alex! Which makes me officially on my way to becoming.....a stay at home mom. It has been a lonnnng process in me really listening to the Lord and being willing to obey him and step out in faith even if I don't see how everything is going to work out. But I want to raise my "ebenezer stone"today from the banks of my "jordan river" and say thus far the Lord has helped me! God is so good and patient and loving as He has carried me to this point. ....I BElieve God, but I am praying each day for God to help my unbelief.I don't want to get sucked into the grasshopper mentality, which is so easy for me to do when I look at all the "giant obstacles" looming in front of Todd and I . I want to be like Caleb and Joshua who spied out the land and said...What giants?...OUr God is bigger. God is bigger than my financial worries.....Will I be a good stay at home momma? a good mom in general. I need to trust in him!
What is keeping you from your promised land? Believe God and stick your toe into that River. God will be faithful to part it!