Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog detention

Ok since Jenn put me in blog detention for not writing lately, I will give you guys who hang on my every word an update.....It just seems like so much has been going on lately. And I was hoping to wait to put pics from my church baby shower up Sat for my next post. However, I have to wait untill I can get to my parent's house to do that. So for now, your just stuck reading my profound thoughts...I promise I will get the pics though.
Last weekend and this week have overflowed with blessings!Last Friday, Todd and I got to practice being parents, and babysat the cutest kid in the whole world...Kelby......It was a blast. Todd is going to be the best daddy ever! I made him change Kelby's diaper, because he never has..I was praying it would be a poopy diaper, but it was not:(...Don't worry soon(29 days according to my blog)he will be getting plenty of practice.
Sat. was a great day! The church went all out for my shower...Wow! Thanks so much esp to Andrea, who worked really hard to get it all together. Todd and I felt overwhelmed, loved, and blessed. The pics will tell the story better, I won't give the theme and cake away until you see the pics but it was amazing. Alex got so much stuff. It was such a blessing. Also to have my cousins there meant so much to me. IT was great. And the best part......My bestest friend in the whole world, who I was so excited to talk to on the phone the other day(that would be you Jenn) bought little Alex the coolest bouncer/toddler rocker. He is going to LoVE it!
Sat night Todd and I went to Crystal Shire's wedding. IT was GORGEOUS! and very Christ centered. I'm such a sappy romantic, I love going to weddings.
Monday I celebrated the best gift God has ever given me besides salvation birthday. THat's right. My hubbie turned 25. I am so blessed to have him(but I"ll try to cut out the cheesiness JEnn).WE got to go on a quick date night to provinos(free on your bday), which was great. THen we went to a very informative baby health and safety class. We learned all kinds of cool stuff.
Tuesday we had our fam bday party for him, so he got to celebrate two days in a row...I love when our families get together. WE have a blast.
Well that's the update for now. I promise to post pics. God is so good! Just wanted to remind you of that. He is teaching me so much lately about his forgiveness. We are so blessed to have a forgiving God..And one who gives us the opportunity to walk in victory EVERY day! Glory

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Jenn said...

hey sis.. you are no longer in blog detention.. heheh.. for some reason that makes me think of all the times that I have gotten in trouble and you let me place the blame on you.. I mean I guess I have not updated my blog this week either, so maybe I should put myself in blog detention also. I am so glad to hear that you had such a great weekend though. I hope that you have fun at your other shower this weekend.. you surely are a loved girl and I know that Little Alex will be spoiled rotten himself. I am glad that you got to go to crystals wedding. I saw a few pictures from it that mel sent me.. it really was a gorgeous wedding huh. Makes me a little sad that I could not be there. Anyways--i love you soo much and i can't wait to see pictures of you at your showers. miss you