Thursday, October 29, 2009

My new love in life Jeremiah!

Well. Did that title get your attention? No..I have not gotten another son, or a new hubbie. But I have found a new love in life. The book of Jeremiah...In the Old Testament. I have just finished studying the second half of it for Precept Minisitries bible study. Wow! It was intense. Very deep bible study. Probably the hardest I have ever had to work at doing a bible study. But it was WORTH it. I took so many deep truths from Jeremiah. And because I am a processes by writing things down, I wanted to share some nuggets.....

Jer. 29:11 Is on of the most quoted verses in the Bible. I still LOVE it. But I see it differently now. Yes, we do know the plans He has for us, plans to prosper and not to harm us, give us a hope and a future. However, it is deeper than that. God was telling his people in that verse....You are going to be taken captive, taken from your land to a foreign land of Babylon....Wow. That doesn't sound too good does it. God was telling them it was HIS plans..And he would give them a hope and future,even if it didn't make sense to them.We haveto remember when his plans don't make sense....They are still for OUR GOOD!

God is serious about our obedience! HE doesn't want us to just hear him, but OBEY!
God can do the impossible. And sometimes when we trust him to do what he tells us it looks crazy to other people(Jer. 32:16-28). God told JEremiah to buy real estate right after he told them they would be taken captive from the land for along time. Jeremiah said, God are you sure, that sounds crazy. God says....Behold! I am the LOrd! The God of all flesh. IS AnYthing too difficult forme? Glory!
God's WORD stands. What he spoke through Jeremiah Happened. It is not just a book in the bible...It is a living history book!
Check out Jer. 45: The Lord cares about his individual servants. And brings protection and rest to his servants when they are burnt out and weary...However..Jer. 45:5 Has been burning in my mind..Are you......(Michelle)seeking great things for yourself. Seek them not!
Wow. How many times do I seek great things for myself!
I serve a STRONG redeemer. Nothing is too hard for him. He pleads my case(Jer. 50:34!)No one summons God into court(50:44).
Jer. 51:14-17 God vs. Idols. Check out who wins!
The Purposes and plans of our STRONG God stand!
O Lord. May I apply all these truths to my life. May I speak them out to others. May I live by Listening and OBEYING you! May I walk as if your WORD truly stands. My I dwell each day in the vine(John 15). Abiding in you, the habitaation of righteousness! May I trust the plans you have for me, even if I don't understand. May I realize NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU! Thank you that Your Word stands no matter what!Help me not seek Great things for myself but for you! I love you my strong redeemer!
And the final thing...In the end. GOD WINS! We are on the winning team

Friday, October 9, 2009

Picture Post

Sorry it has been so long since I posted pics. This is a picture from Alex's playdate brunch today. I love having Andrea and her two kids, Kelby and Annaleigh over. They loved the toy baskets.As you can see, they dumped everything out, since Alex and AnnaLee are sitting in them.
having so much fun dumping out toys
Is that not adorable. They are too cute!

Alex is surrounded by girls:)
I love this pic of him looking outside.I love the way the trees look today.
HE looks like such a big boy in that pic. I am so amazed at how fast he is growing.
I love fall. And decorating my table makes me come alive. These are some of my fall table decorations for my brunch today.
Our breakfast bunch made these wreaths on Monday. I had a blast making mine. It inspired the rest of my tablescape:) Do I sound like Sandra Lee from semihomemade?
This is a pic from my mom and sis's matching jackets they bought at the Women of FAith conference we went to in Atlanta. We had so much fun. Words cannot say thanks enough to Jenn for that present. I am still thinking about things I learned. The only thing was it was FREEZING in the phillips arena which is why they bought matching jackets.
Notice my mom and sis are wet. That is because we following our fearless leader Jenn walked to the Marta station. And it was monsooning! Somehow we were the only people who got soaking wet at the conference. WE couldn't believe we were on time. In fact, there BEFORE the doors were open!
The view from our awesome room. Jenn is the most amazing generous sis ever!
YEs I did go to the conference too. I had to use the yellow scarf to keep me warm:)
These are pics from another playdate with Annalee and Kelby at Coolidge park in August( I know that was two months ago). Alex loved the fountains!
He was on a mission to get to the fountain. I love this because it shows him the way he always in...In motion!
There he is trying to take off annalee's hat
Alex and grammy splashing
Daddy is multitasking. Feeding and studying Greek!
Alex loved the little fountain the best
Waiting to ride the carosel. Alex is a ladies man!
Well that about catches the past 3 months in pictures;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

It's Thankful Thursday again. I am so sorry I have been lax in blog posting lately. And I have taken a ton of pics since alex turned one, but I have not loaded them on my computer yet. So while you wait for me to get my act together, I thought I would post some old pics from May(he hasn't changed too much except now he is walking!
I am so thankful for.....
My hubbie. He is such a pic of God and his unfailing love. He truly amazes me!
God is Jehovah Jireh. I have seen him provide in HUGE ways this week and I am so humbled and thankful! Thank you Jesus!
Fall.....Wahoo. We left the windows open last night. This weather makes me come alive!
Pumpkin spice. Right now I am putting it in everything, cuz it reminds me of fall
Wonderful friends!
Being able to teach Good News Club!
My church!