Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jesus brings LIfe when we expect death!

First of, I start with an apology. It is now March I realize....And I haven't posted since November. Way too long. Not sure if anyone reads this anyway:) But I have some time at the computer while my hubbie studies at child evangelism headquarters and thought I would share something I have been blessed with this Easter.

I listen to a noon radio show called midday connection on Moody radio. I heard a speaker a couple weeks ago talk about Mary and Mary when they came to the tomb in Matthew 28. It has ministered to me greatly. They came expecting death. With questions fresh in their minds. Why did God allow this to happen. What will happen next? Who were we really following....They came with their expectations of death and dissapointment. Then something totally shocking happened. He wasn't there! Jesus wasn't there. Now not only were they afraid of where there life was going now, they were afraid of what happened to Jesus....
However they came expecting death...And Jesus showed up ALIVE....ANd the first thing he told them was DO not be afraid.
That just does something for me. Jesus spoke to their hearts and fears. This EASTER season, I want to bring my fears and questions to Jesus and know that whatever I believe is dead...Or I am struggling with..He brings LIFE too. And the closer we draw to Jesus, the farther away our fears go.
This Easter What do areas of your life do you need Jesus to bring life to? What areas of your life are you thining are just dead, you have just given up on....God will bring life to those! I am pondering that and praying through that and wanted to share!