Thursday, March 26, 2009

playing at home with Mommy

Alex andI have had a fun day playing together. I love being a stay at home mom. I can't believe the Lord allowed me the privledge of staying at home and getting to enjoy days like these with my little man! He is so curious now, and loves to play.
He loves his little pet doggie.
I can't believe he is already standing up. I turn my head for a second and he has pulled up on something, standing all the way up. And he smiles so big, he is so proud of himself.
he was being a little camera shy.
Thought I would leave you with this last pic taken at the White stone inn. He enjoyed his breakfast too. hehhe. He is defionatly a member of the Hand family, liking his food.

Well, i just thought I would post with some pics of the day in a life of a stay at home mom. I am overwhelmed with God's goodness right now.
Also please pray for our Disciple nOw this weekend. Pray God moves in a MIGHTY way.
God has been teaching me alot lately, and I will post more about that later.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Week of Spring vacation-Ending at the wonderful Whitestone Inn!

Hang on to your seats for lots of pics! Todd has been on "spring break this week" and we have enjoyed having him home so much. This is a picture of Todd and I at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. We went on a Date to the english rose, which you will see next, and then went to the choo choo to take pics. we had so much fun!
Todd had a gift card for the English Rose he got for Christmas(because he loves hot tea). I Loved this place. I felt so girlie and special. This may have been one of the favorite dates I have ever been on!

Here we are after "afternoon tea" at the tea room. Don't we look fancy!

Do I pull off sophistication? I had so much fun drinking the tea and eating the sandwiches.

Todd looks handsome pouring tea!

We went to different parks quite a bit because the weather was nice. This was on Wed. night, we went to Coolige Park and ran (I made Todd run 5 miles:)), then played. We were going to grill hotdogs, but then the grill wouldn't work so Todd ran to Subway and got us a footlong:)I was changing Alex's diaper here, and he didn't want to get dressed.

Here Alex is at Coolige Park. He loved palying in the grass!we were waiting on daddy to get back with the sandwiches.

HEre we are on Tuesday afternoon after running in Collegedale, and this is at IMagination Station. My new running shirt is from my wonderful mom-in law :)

We are having fun chilling at the park.

Check out my NEW RUNNING SHOES! I love love love them. T hanks to the best hubbie in the world!

And now..The best way to end the vacation! Jenn is the best sis in the whole world, and sent us to Whitestone Inn together. WE had a BLAST. WE tried to act refined:).....This is the fam walking to breakfast this morning.

Here are the men in the beautiful sparrow suite we stayed in. It was amazing.

Here is me, in my robe, with coffee and the Bible this morning. Jenn, you know that made me happy!

Dinner that night. We had a blast. and so did Alex!

Coffee that night. It was yummy coffee. I even got a too go cup of it this morning!

Aunt Jenn-Alex wore this shirt to the Whitestone to show you how much he loves you and how excited he was about his stay there!

Todd and I went on a walk and took this pic on the swing.

Todd and I chilling on the hammock at the White stone.

we were fancy smancy....A name card and everything!

Alex loved drinking water out of the fancy cup. HE tried all kinds of new things.I forgot his cereal and applesauce so we had to improvise....He ate smushed up grapes for the first time. Then we were really advenerous. We feed him the "palette cleanser" which was like lemon sorbet. He LOVED IT! Then this morning he ate a biscuit for the first time. He couldn't get enough of it. Jenn. WE had so much at the Whitestone! Thank you Jenn. It was a relaxing refreshing wonderful time with family! Jenn, check out more pics that mommy is going to put on her blog. I taught her how to pics on too.
What a wonderful week. God is so faithful!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

I need your help:)

Hey to my faithful blog readersI NEED YOUR HELP! I have been laboring at training for a 1/2 marathon in April with TEam In Training for months now. Every Saturday morning I have woke up at 5:3o in the morning to get ready to run with my team, of which I am the team captain. I have logged tons of miles with my jogging stroller during the week. All of this for one reason. i want to help bring a cure to blood cancers, and all cancers. The Leukemia Lymphoma Society is defionalty a cause I believe in. I have seen too many people suffer from cancer. IN fact, one of my team mates from two years ago recently died from leukemia. Please help me! I recommited to the team today, which means I have to raise my minimum by the beginning of April, or Todd and I will be responsible for the rest. Please help me. You can click on the LLS icon on the right of the page, and it goes right to my fundraising page where you can donate securely online!
THanks for your help. Please spread the word to everyone you know. Everyone needs to join in the battle against cancer!.
I want to praise the Lord for how faithful he is. I was so blessed on my birthday yesterday as I spent some time reflecting on the faithfulness of God in my 27 years of life. HE has been so faithful to me! Glory Glory. Jenn, I taught your bible study number 5 yesterday to the girls. It was such a blessing. They loved it. It really stuck out to me how faithful God is and even through all the changes we go through in life, God does not change!(malachi 3:6). I had a great birthday! I had a great time worshipping at church then had the privledge of going to Cherelle and Jim's wedding at Camp Lookout. It was like a reunion and was so much fun. I knew Cherelle from college, and Jim from being a camp counselor with him 9 years ago, so there were old college friends and old camp friends there. I kidded Todd and said they were there to celebrate my birthday. Then I went to Provino's and enjoyed my free birthday meal of SIN in a plate. That would be Cannoloni Bianco, which has no redeeming nutritional value. It is just cheese, cheese and more cheese. Yum. Ihad a blast with my parents and todd, then we went to my parents house and played WI together. What a great day. my momma even made me a yummy cookie cake! Thanks Mommy! I have the best fam in the world. ANd the best inlaws ever too! I got to see them on Friday and have a yummy dinner with them. They blessed me with wonderful new summer running clothes and a new shirt.
Speaking of presents. Todd got me the best present ever, but I will do another blog about that with a picture later.

Love you all!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sis

Hey Jenn. This is a blog post just for you. You are the most amazing gift of God ever. I can't believe the Lord loved me enough to give me a twin sis to grow up with. You are my best friend, my big sis by one minute and one Nepali day:). I know you used to make me say you were my hero when you were little...But now I really mean it! You truly are my hero in the faith. You are such an amazing woman of God. I have so much fun when I am around you. I love you you love you love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!
You are the best my lion/seal I personality sis!
Love you girlie. And Alex loves his AUnt Jenn more than you know!
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm having a blah day, where I just don't have much energy and feel kindof blah. Probably because my allergies are really acting up and I can't breath. It could also be a benadryl hangover from taking some last night..Hehhe. Not a good idea to take benadryl at night when your son decides to wake up often and not sleep. It doesn't make for a good combination:) So I thought what better day than to have a Thankful thursday.
I am thankful for......
My little man! He is 7 months old today. I can't believe it. Wow! It is crazy exciting to see how fast he grows. He just pulled up by himself for the first time for this weekend. He can stand up on his own. Crazy. Now he is crawling/scooting like crazy. He is a SPEED DEMON! And already wants to go right to where he is not supposed to. It still weirds me out to see him crawl over to his toy box and pull up and LOOK IN IT! Wow. I already have to say no to him lots of times a day. hehhe. butIt makes me laugh because he looks up at me and smiles;)hehhe.
My sis in Nepal. God is using you so much! Jenn, I am so proud of you I can't even express it. You are my spiritual hero!
The Believing God bible study God is going to allow me to lead starting next week.
A great weekend with my extended fam and my wonderful momma who happens to be one of my best friends.
My grandad's cereal every morning for three days(Jenn only you would understand that)
Getting to hold my new cousin AnnaBeth who is a doll!
I dont' want to waver in unbelief, but grow in faith giving glory to God that he is able to do what he promises, and I am believing him to make me into a Prov. 31 woman!(Rom 4:20).

In other EXCITING BIG NEWS. I reached a bananna breakthrough. I am doing the Love Dare and yesterday I was supposed to show I made Todd a homemade bannana pudding. big deal!but that is the only one he can ever expect

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long overdue posts. So much has gone on! i will try to catch everyone up in pics

Heheh. Alex loves it when I do laundry. He likes to ride in the clothes basket:)
Alex had his first play date. With Annalee from our church who is 3 months younger than him. He loved her, and at one point I caught him trying to hold her hand.

They all had fun at their playdate.

Alex loved having family for the dedication. See Aunt Laura and Aunt Brenda I am going to put pics of you on too.

Alex loves Granddaddy.

Me and wonderful Aunt Brenda. I am not sure why I was making that face.

Grandaddy taught us to make a pie. We had a blast, and he even let me put flour on his face.

Notice the flour on us. We had so much fun.

Whit got in on the pie making class.

Gramps and Grammy gave him this for the baby dedication. He loved this little lamb, and so do I . it sings Jesus Loves Me.

The two babes read for their baby dedication. They were fasting and praying, getting all spiritual.

Alex was a wiggle worm during the prayer. He was jumping up and down.

Our cute little fam pic. What a wonderful fun time I have had lately. I have led two retreats, one for the TWC BSU(BCM) last weekend, and then this weekend Believing God retreat for the women at our church. God has taught me so much through preparing me for them. And I believe he moved through them. So I have been too busy to post pics. But I love you all, my faithful readers!