Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm having a blah day, where I just don't have much energy and feel kindof blah. Probably because my allergies are really acting up and I can't breath. It could also be a benadryl hangover from taking some last night..Hehhe. Not a good idea to take benadryl at night when your son decides to wake up often and not sleep. It doesn't make for a good combination:) So I thought what better day than to have a Thankful thursday.
I am thankful for......
My little man! He is 7 months old today. I can't believe it. Wow! It is crazy exciting to see how fast he grows. He just pulled up by himself for the first time for this weekend. He can stand up on his own. Crazy. Now he is crawling/scooting like crazy. He is a SPEED DEMON! And already wants to go right to where he is not supposed to. It still weirds me out to see him crawl over to his toy box and pull up and LOOK IN IT! Wow. I already have to say no to him lots of times a day. hehhe. butIt makes me laugh because he looks up at me and smiles;)hehhe.
My sis in Nepal. God is using you so much! Jenn, I am so proud of you I can't even express it. You are my spiritual hero!
The Believing God bible study God is going to allow me to lead starting next week.
A great weekend with my extended fam and my wonderful momma who happens to be one of my best friends.
My grandad's cereal every morning for three days(Jenn only you would understand that)
Getting to hold my new cousin AnnaBeth who is a doll!
I dont' want to waver in unbelief, but grow in faith giving glory to God that he is able to do what he promises, and I am believing him to make me into a Prov. 31 woman!(Rom 4:20).

In other EXCITING BIG NEWS. I reached a bananna breakthrough. I am doing the Love Dare and yesterday I was supposed to show I made Todd a homemade bannana pudding. big deal!but that is the only one he can ever expect


angelonwheels said...

I am sorry you are having a blah day, but it is neat how God aids us in being thankful even in those times. I'm glad you are doing the love dare. How cool that you made Todd Bannna pudding, what an act of love.

Jenn said...

awwh.. blah day = no good.. but your post = very good. I miss you soooooooo much. I am determined to get to talk to you soon. I mean you have a birthday coming up and all. I really hope that you get to feeling better. If I were to have a thankful thursday my number one would be YOU!! i love you sis. I cannot believe that you made todd and banana pudding-- that's quite the love dare. I can't wait to talk to you. I'm doing great. I put some more pictures up on my blog for you. I cannot believe that alex is pulling up and crawling. Crazy. Well I have to go now but I love you sis