Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my sis

Hey Jenn. This is a blog post just for you. You are the most amazing gift of God ever. I can't believe the Lord loved me enough to give me a twin sis to grow up with. You are my best friend, my big sis by one minute and one Nepali day:). I know you used to make me say you were my hero when you were little...But now I really mean it! You truly are my hero in the faith. You are such an amazing woman of God. I have so much fun when I am around you. I love you you love you love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!
You are the best my lion/seal I personality sis!
Love you girlie. And Alex loves his AUnt Jenn more than you know!
Happy Birthday!


angelonwheels said...

You two are amazing and I love you both! Happy birthday both of you! You 2 are both heros to me, for diffrent reasons.

Jenn said...

Hey sweet sister... who is one day younger then me.. hehehe.. i'm not going to boast but! I loved getting to talk to you so much on the phone. I am just saying-- you are also my HUGE hero.. what an awesome wife, mom, minister of God you are.. i'm so proud of you-- and you ran 8 miles up hill both ways in the RAIN!~ i miss you like crazy. I had the best b-day.. felt so loved and of course it started off great when I got to talk to you! My favorite present was an album that leah printed off pictures from your website of little man. it says pics of jenn's favorite little man. The theme of my party was jenn's favorite things-- including a coffee shaped cake! :-)
love you, your the best, would not chose anyother twin in the world