Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long overdue pic post(at request of nana to Alex:)

Picture of two of my favorite people in the world, my sis and mommy. Not sure when this was taken.
Aunt Nenn made him very happy by buying him this huge sucker. He loved every bit of it. This was at cracker barrel the other day when we went to GA. Love you my extended fam!
This is from a birthday party for TJ at Red Robin. It was so much fun...I think we almost got kicked out of the restarant. I love those hamburgers!
Alex loves TJ...That makes me so happy. And I love you too TJ
I was glad TJs wheelchair wasn't on. It would have sent her flying!
Sorry for the randomness of the photos, but I promised my wondeful mother in law I would put pics on here for her. I have been so bad at posting. It is my new years resolution(in June) to update more often! Life has been so busy but so fun! These pics are random because I only have JEnn's camera here to put pics from. My more recent pics are on my camera which I will post...
I have been busy with youth activites, church..and FUN. I love having Jenn not working right now. We plan fun activities all the time...Going to the mountains ect.
I am working right now on sining my new song to Jesus every day. (Check out Ps. 41) That is my year theme. He put a new song in my mouth a hymn of praise to God. May I sing loud and proud each day a new song of what Jesus is doing in my life.
Big news for those people who read my blog...and aren't my friends and fam(which are none). Todd and I just finished all the classes to be certified as foster parents. Exciting huh. That deserves a whole post, but I will just say I am very passionate to provide a stable Jesus loving home for these kids as long as the Lord blesses me with them. Whether one night. or a year. God wants to use Todd and I too love these kids to Jesus. We still have some details to fall into place. Please pray for us through this process! I love you guys