Sunday, June 7, 2015

Intentional summer sports week.and rescue bot week to come

thanks for those of you who are hanging with me in my intentional summer.last week was a blast!hope you can use some of these ideas.Alex was privledged to be able to attend Kay McDaniels tennis camp at Lee every day last week so we decided to make Sports week our theme.We picked 2 tim.4:7 as our theme verse.I have fought the good fight.I have finished the race.I have kept the faith.Even our two year old memorized it.We talked a lot about what it means to fight the good fight,to make right choices,to keep going even when it is hArd.Monday night we invited some neighborhood kids over and hAd silly dizzy baseball races where we made ourselves dizzy then ran races against each was a blast!We emphasized running the race of faith even when it seems hard and the world tries to tell us a different way to go.Tuesday night we played family freeze tag and basketball and tennis together.Wednesday night we used string cheese as a bat and grapes as a ball and played "baseball"as our snack.Thursday we raced each other at our playground.Friday was a blast.we filled up our ten dollar plastic pool and pulled out our sprinkler and invited the neighbors,we did different races involving passing balls back and forth to the pool who could make bAll move fastest with the water hose,sprinkler races,and water hose fighting the good fight.we used as many chances as we could to share the verse and discuss fighting against temptation...Perservering in your faith,ect8.Jt tickled me so much that hope my two year could say the verse.And the best part of this was FREE😄😄 this week is rescue bots theme,which is ash ow my kids love.the focus will be Jesus rescuing us from our sins.If your kids don't like rescue bots you could do a week just with rescue personel.i am hoping a trip to the fire station will happen this week.I am updating facebook with pics from this week

Friday, June 5, 2015

Intentional Summer

I have wanted to do this post for so long but have hesitated.One because I am far from being a perfect patent and I don't want to be just another mommy blog acting like I have the perfect life or know just the right way to do something.And also my ideas are not,and will never be Pintrest perfect!But the Lord has laid this burden on my heart to share with others. in the middle of the school year I was having mommy guilt for not homeschooling.I felt all the cool Christian moms were homeschooling and I was sending my kid to school,so he was away from me so much of the time.However,After prayer I relaized public school was where God had him(I know it is different for each fam so no judgement here)but what I could do was make the most of each time I spent with him so I became very intentional on Alexs school breaks!I created a theme each break based on a bible truth and whatever aLex happened to be into!The point was to have something creative to teach the Wors and be intentional with my time with aLex.i strongly believe this applies to every mommy out there!Whether stay at home,working.homeschool or non homeschool family!Lets be intentional together! these idea are not pintrest perfect.they can take as much or as little time as you have,They are almost all cheap of free or dollar tree ideas lol.I am going to be posting our theme weeks this summer if you would like to go along.I am also posting some themes from our other breaks.I have a six year old boy,a two year old girl,and a almost one year old girl.Basically my process is thinking of what my kids are into,coming up with a little activity and sometimes snack to go along with it,and planning our week with that in mine! I would love others,whether non working,working,homeschool,traditional schooling families to join with me!Feel free to use any of my ideas,and if you have trouble thinking of ideas and your kids are not into the same thing,please email me or message me at me what your kids are into and I will be glad to help you come up with some ideas!if you participate,please take pictures with hashtag #intentionalsummer! because I am not technological and am having a hard time posting pics with my blog i am going to be posting the pics that go along with this week on my Instagram which is HUMBERTFUN and my facebook! my main goal in putting this out there is to tell you YOu can do this.dont let excuses like it has to be perfect,or my kids won't care,or it takes to much work or money keep you from being intentional!It WILL be worth the few extra minutes,and even keep your kids better entertained and less fighting with each other lol. my two year old daughter is playing this morning and turned to me and quoted word for word the verse we have been focusing on this week!That makes it worth it!I will be posting details on here each week and pictures in Instagram and facebook! FOr our kickoff this summer we did Octonaught week,which happens to be something my kids are into.It is a show on Netflicka that sea creatures make creature reports on different creatures in the ocean.So we made Octonaught week and changed the theme song tochristian reports instead of creature reports.We talked about what a Christian looks like.Our theme verse was john 13:35 They will know we are Christians by our love.We focused each night and during the day on our Christian report,how people will see the characteristic of a Christian by the way you love others. for the fun things each day,We went to the aquarium one day and let Alex take pictures with his play camera to make feature reports.(this would require extra money from you but we had a season pass)!we also played in the fountains at Coolidge park and talked about the creatures spouting water there.The next day we did the free option and I took them to the pet store while grocery shopping and we looked at the fish and lizards and birds.The next day we played in a new $10 plastic pool I bought for the summer,We also made octoscopes with toilet paper rolls.wE were going to make creature report books one day,but ran out of time.Out big family activity on Fri night was using one dollar nets from dollar tree and going to find tadpoles in the local creek.we caught two lol...and a plastic Dino.Funtimes. every night we do a bedtime snack and talk about the theme and the verse for the week.if your kids were not into octo aughts you could do this same week just focusing on under the a under he sea theme,and focus on making reports on the sea creatures,then say..Now we are going to make reports on not just what a fish and shark and turtle look like.but what a Christian looks like!By showing our love. this week we already had Lees summer tennis camp for Alex so I just rolled with it and made i at sports theme week!Our theme verse is 2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought the good fight,I have finished the race,I have kept the faith.We have talked about perseverance as a Christian and how to make godly choices even when it is hard.Each night we have done something silly.Monday night we had a dizzy baseball race and involved some of the neighborhood kids.We just spun around on baseball bats and raced each other,One night we took our basketball goal outside and played family basketball.We have also had family races to and from the car.For snack at night we played baseball with string cheese and grapes.every night we have a family snack and that is when we recap the verse and what we are learning that week.Today we are going to have silly Olympic games with our apartment neighbors.I plan on the fly so will give more details later lol. Other themes I have done in the past is super heroes of the bible week.we talked about different Bible stories where people did supernatural things.we made super hero capes.We went to Cooke and explored and looked at different rocks and talked about Jacob sleeping on a rock and wrestling with Angels.we went to an apple orchard and talked about Adam and eve and their temptation and how God gives us super power now to stand against satan.We Bought super hero figure sat dollar tree and his them around house and found them we did a Frozen theme one week and focused on 1 cor 13 and what true love is.we made snowman sugar cookies.We made snowman pancakes.We made fake snow with suave shampoo and cornstarch.we had a frozen movie night.And we went iceskating(this is when iceskating rink was in chatt). pirate week as my favorite.We focused on Ps 119:11 I have treasured your word in my heart.wE talked about how important it was to treat Gods word as treasures.we dressed up like pirates.We searched for treasure in our sand and water table.we went to the aquarium.we read books about pirates.we ate chocolate gold coins.We had a pirate party with friends where I hid little dollar tree bags of treassure on the people playground and drew a map to it on sidewalk chalk.The whole party cost less than $10 with prizes and everything and was a blast.The last thing we did was a family scavenger hunt to find a new bible for each of our kids. I hope this gives you some ideas to work with.You can do this!Lets be intentional and watch God move!I will continue to update over the summer and put pics on Instagram and facebook.Feel free to share this!I can't wai to see what God does.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Valentines Box....

I so often feel I fail as a kingergarten mom..There seems to be things as a kindergarten mom you are supposed to know..That everyone else but me seems to know..Like the fact that you make a box for valentines to go in..Apparentlyeveryone else but me knows this...And if you go on pintrest or any mommy blogs you can find elaborate valentines boxes(which there is nothing wrong with!)Along with elaborate cutesy printable valentines card with cute catchy gift ideas.. that is why I panicked when I saw on the kindergarten page yesterday you may send in a valentine boxif you want tommorow..I was in Chattanooga when I saw that ansd still had an appointment to go to then had to run the kids straight to church..Needless to say I did not have time to make a box.Then after church instead of making the box we played Spider-Man dominos as a family before bed..I forgot about the box.Until this morning. That is when The Lord had to clearly speak to me.I love social media.And I love mommy blogs.But that is not who I am called to please.My job Asa mo is not to makerthe prettiest coolest box in the class(and there is nothing wrong with that if you did).but as a mo Ihave had to learn my job is to please the audience of one.To parent.To do everything I do for Gods glory alone!I do not need to stress about the other moms thinking wow look at her because she has it all together.Because I don't.My job is to ask God to help me parent with wisdom,love and joy and do it all with an act of worship.alexs box maybe thrown together with dollar tree missing arm ninjas taped on it..but He Loved It.and I am going to fight the temptation to compare to the other more together moms and remember that I have done what God has called e to do and focus on teaching Alex this week about Jesus the ultimate love.We have done some fun activities together and gotten cute little gifts to remind him of that. Who am I trying to please?. who are y trying to please

Friday, November 14, 2014

On Legacy. Pumpkin Pie. and digging to China!

I had the privledge of holding the hand of one of the greatest men I have ever known as he walked into heaven to meet Jesus on Wednesday night. My granddaddy was one of the most special people I have ever known! As I drove three hours back home Thursday morning I had a lot of time to think about all the things that made him special!And to think about How that makes me want to live my life. My granddaddy was a kind, patient, forgiving and most of all FUN man. I have the absolute best memories with him. More than I can write. He always made me feel like I was so special to him. When I was little, he never denied a request to go outside and play with my sister and I when he came to visit. When he came to visit Tennesse, my sis and I were prepared. With shovels....For some reason, I have no idea why, we found it extremely fun to dig holes outside..My granddad found this amusing, so he told us we were digging to China. So every time he came to visit, we got out the little shovels. And he sat outside for hours with us, digging to China, and making us laugh with silly songs and stories. He was the best comics reader. He always made them so interesting and I would beg for another story. He made the best pumpkin pie and knew how much I loved them. So always he would have one for me when he knew I was coming to visit. He later taught me how to make them, although I could never do it like granddaddy. He knew I loved his gourds he grew, and every fall he had some waiting for me.He played backgammon with me, which I admit I never really understood. Still don't lol....basiscally he played both sides of the game, because I just moved where he told me.Then I would tease him when he won, saying. YOu told me to move there. Lol.His basement was a fascinating place and he always let me explore everything there and would tell me what the stuff down there was for. He was a man of habit for sure, and always ate the same cereal the same way every day. Any time I came to visit I knew I would have my cereal fixed for me and waiting with an orange beside it when I woke up...Special K flakes, honey wheat germ, and fiber one made for an amazing combination. HE was silly and loved to laugh and play. some of my favorite recent memories was him playing cars with my son Alex. Here was a 90 year old man getting down close to the floor to play cars with Alex. He would also play checkers with alex and would fascinate Alex with stories from growing up and old cars. He played with me,and was still playing with my kids even right to the end of his life. I think that is where I got my love of fun. My granddad left quite a legacy and made me think of what my great grandchildren might say about my legacy someday. He was an incredible daddy to my mommy, and a extremely loyal faithful husband who doted on my grandma. I fully believe it is because of this my mom would not settle for anything less than the best in a husband.Her daddy was a great example, so she picked the best. My daddy! ANd my daddy was the best which led me to not want to settle for anything less than the best, and I got to marry my incredible husband todd. I fully believe that is a direct affect of what kind of man my granddaddy was. Also he was a true servant. He was delivering meals on wheels to the litt le old ladies, he would grin and say..When he was 80 plus!!!!And it brought him such joy.Wow!HE loved to serve others. My mom learned that from him and now she is that way. Hopefully someday people will say that about me too. Grandaddy was a loving forgiving man. He had some life circumstances that could have left him bitter and hard hearted, but he was the opposite of that. HE was loving and forgiving. He left a legacy!I want to leave a legacy too!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Truth versus lies..walking in God confidence

everyone is asleep in my house right now..I am snuggling my little Abbi and having my own little glory Jesus time..Complete with hot coffee and wrapped up in my snuggie. nothing better.And Jesus has burdened my heart to share something up until now I have not been able to share.However I feel someone needs to hear..So hear goes. 2013 was hard!!Very hard.Between my dads cancer and my families little encounter with the deer(being sarcastic lol)that led to Icu and hospital stays for two people I love more than anything..I was ready for 2014 to come!So in November when Todd and I found out we had been blessed with a new life I was overjoyed.What a great joy to celebrate in the midst of one of toughest years of my life. on June 20 of this year we got to meet this Joy..My heart exploded when Abigail Grace Humbert was put on my chest..What a joy.Perfect an beautiful in every way..All was right with the world.Some struggle with transition to three but I was having time of my life. fast forward two months..We had very exciting news.God had called us to a very new season in life.To leave our home of 9 years..Our beloved church where Todd was on staff.His job of 8 years.And move to Cleveland Tn to be resident director of married student housing at Lee University..has anyone packed to move with a 6 year old,two year old tornado and a 2 month say I was tired was probably an understatement. and then.......It happened.A night I will never forget!My hubs was downstairs with two year old tornado and 6 year old boy..I had freshly bathed abbi and dressed her in her snugly pjs for night.was walking downstairs with my snugly joy to do a bath handoff and wash the stair right above landing I tripped...and out of my arms Abbi went flying and landed face first in front of my hubs.It happened so quickly neither Todd and I could do anything to stop it..I will never forget the look of my baby face first on the makes me sick to my stomach.Time slowed down and yet moved quickly from there..911 was called.faithful aunt nenn was called to little 6 year asking me is abbi dead?my little hope crying with strange police and fire fighters and ambulance there. for the second time in my mommy life I found myself riding in back of ambulance and heard them say..Turn The Lights On.I already knew that meant this is threatening. I will never be able to explain looking at a picture of your babies head with a skull fracture...hearing bleeding on the brain..Hearing we are admitting your once perfect baby to Icu..there are no words to describe that night...then there was the visit at 230 in the morning in the ICU from child protective services interviewing you and your hubs and calling into question your parenting. when I became a mommy in August of 2008 that became my passion.To be a mommy...I truly believe one of the ways Satan comes to attack us is steal,kill,and destroy our calling.To tell us we are not enough..Give up.You can never make an impact.You are not good enough..You really think you can make an impact?.... The moment Abbi fell.The lies and shame came hard..And fast...That moment in the ICU after DCS left...I really thought I was just done for.The lies and shame were o crushing I felt I couldn't stand.And they continued to pour in for the days after.. I say all this to say..I couldn't stay in that place.God has called me and empowered me to be a mommy!So I pressed into Jesus.Asked him to remind me of his calling.His empowerment.Clung to truths such as 1Thes.5:24 faithful is He who calls You.Trust Him and He will do it!Eph 2:10 He has good works prepared in advance for Me to Do!Eph 1:18-19.I can walk in the hope of my calling..knowing I do it with same power that raised Jesus from the dead! I am still battling through..asking God daily.Minute by Minute to choose truth over lies!To walk in my inadequate as I am for the task..Will you join me in battling for truth.To walk in your calling!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chicken pox....and answered prayer!

it has been far too long since I have posted a blog.Not because I think I have anything earth shattering and exciting to say but because it is a great way to record ,y daily life to look back on in a few years and say wow..Time moves so fast..and I don't want to miss one minute of what God has planned for us. well this post is about strange answers to prayers.I am so thankful that God hears our hearts and Nasir's our prayers in better and sometimes more unusual ways than we can imagine! so I am at the very large and uncomfortable stage of pregnancy lol..exhibit a.. I have found myself in the last month wishing time to go by faster....dreaming of not being pregnant anymore and holding baby abigail in my arms.Wanting time to hurry hurry hurry so it didn't feel like every thing took so much effort. I have found myself short on patience with my two lovely little ones, and praying bedtime comes quickly so I can just rest. However the Lord had been working on me to change my perspective.To remind me that this time only happens once. I only have this day this day to do what God has called me to today! No matter how much energy or effort it takes. I only have this day to have a amazing energetic, superhero loving crazy funny five year old and a mischevious, climbing, hilarious chasing after her little brother all day 20 month old So I prayed a simple quick prayer. Lord, help me enjoy this time. Not rush through it..Spend these days in your presence basking in what you have planned for me each day. The only short time left we have to be a fam of 4.ANd God answered in the most unusual, Eph 3:20 more than I could imagine way..By giving my awesome son the chicken pox..I know it sounds crazy!Thursday morning my little man woke up crying and saying mommy I am itching and my belly hurts...sure enough..little man was covered in little itchy red bumps...we marched straight to the doctor...Lol..Alex has had both chicken pox vaccines..The docs said..Well this never happens. This is so unusual..We never see this when you get the vaccines...Ha. We never do things the normal way.ButGod!!!He knew this was part of his special answer to my prayer..You see..Chicken pox is contagious. In fact, I feel like we had the plauge. we were ushered out the back door hehhe..And told he would be contagious for 3 to 5 days.. Why am I seeing this as a good thing? as a blessing?Because it slowed our lives down for 5 days!And it was some of the best family time ever. We could not go anywhere, not even on walks with our friends or playdates at the playground. So I had 5 days of focused time at home with my kids.And it was such a blessing!Thankfully Alex was unaffected by chicken pox besides being itchy. He has as much energy and wanting to play as ever. we had the best 5 days playing outside in our sand table, playing in little blue little tikes pool in the driveways, blowing bubbles, playing superheros!And I asked God to help me enjoy every minute. NOt to hurry one moment along. God was so faithful to answer that prayer! He really gave me the chance to SLOW down and see The blessings he had for me to come alive in the NOW. Todd was able to spend so much time with us this weekend and we had a blast playing in sprinkler and our tiny little pool. I even kidnapped Jenn for the day and night, and between her and todd and my little amount of help we were able to complete my nesting project of changing my room and alex and hopes room. I was so happy with the final product.Ok, by the way, it wasn't a little project.but jenn and todd did all the work lol.these past few days were such fun family time I didn't even stop to get any pics. we were just busy enjoying life together. I am so glad the Lord answered my prayers in a crazy way...Through the chicken pox..And God wants to answer your prayer in a crazy way too..And slow your life down. No matter what you feel you are hurrying through life to do...ask God to slow you down and help you enjoy where he has you now.....

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A James 1 year

Last December I started Beth mores bible study on James.what a blessing it was..but I had no idea how much I would need it in my year of wild faith in 2013. I really wanted to quickly skim over the study about James 1 where it says..Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds...who wants to think about suffering?and who wants to  count it all joy.
In 2013 I was tested on the power and truth of these verses.Already starting the year emotionally tired from a newborn and having just had to give up our foster son who we thought we were going to adopt..Then boom.In February my beloved daddy..My hero.My bed time story teller growing up.My spiritual hero was admitted to hospital..Almost died..Then boom..more bad news..Leukemia.agressive.scary.swrious..deadly leukemia..This led to a 30 day..very long..emotionally draining time in hospital..balancing being daughter and siter was hard.on top of sleep deprivation because baby girl had chronic earaches..Some days I thought..really Lord..count it all joy?
Who knew that what was coming next would be even harder..Late one night in march on way home the unexpected happened.In the form of a deer landed in my lap..It was at this moment that everything I believed was tested..It appeared at that night that I may have lost my babygirl and the love of my life for 8 years..I will never forget riding in ambulance.helpless as they turned 
on the light to upgrade to emergency status..the following days were harder than you can 
imagine..count it all joy.really Jesus?i am trying to be mommy to traumatized 5 year girl with head injuries who won't eat or drink.and hubs in icu who doesn't understand why i can't be there more to love won love of my life.some days those times in hospital I thought Lord i can't do this

Count it all joy? really

This isn't sounding like a very happy post is it? Well..I am writing this because It is thanksgiving week. ANd I I have more to be thankful for than I can ever imagine. The Lord has been faithful:) My little girl is walking, talking, and fine! My hubs is handsome as ever, with no long term affects from accident. ANd...MY DAD IS CANCER FREE! Glory glory...But I am writing this thankkgsiving post not because all of those miracles. But because even if all this had not turned out the way it had. I believe the Lord would have still helped me count it all joy. Because I have realized through all this. WE cannot count it all joy on our own. We dont have the strength to count it all joy. There were some days I thought I just couldn't get through the day..However...God truly does give super human strength to count it all joy. The prov 31 woman gets alot of flac. But when it calls her a strong woman it is using the same word that says david had the strenth to jump over walls and defeat troops. God gives us super human strength when we need it. to press in. to count it all joy no matter the outcome. and to Trust him. I dont want to ever forget what I learned through the sleepless nights. The pain of watching those closest to me suffer.And most of all count it all joy. Be thankful!The lord has drawn nearer to me when I had nothing left in me. He loved on me when I was unlovable. HE has been faithful!And for that this thanksgiving I am thankful!