Friday, November 14, 2014

On Legacy. Pumpkin Pie. and digging to China!

I had the privledge of holding the hand of one of the greatest men I have ever known as he walked into heaven to meet Jesus on Wednesday night. My granddaddy was one of the most special people I have ever known! As I drove three hours back home Thursday morning I had a lot of time to think about all the things that made him special!And to think about How that makes me want to live my life. My granddaddy was a kind, patient, forgiving and most of all FUN man. I have the absolute best memories with him. More than I can write. He always made me feel like I was so special to him. When I was little, he never denied a request to go outside and play with my sister and I when he came to visit. When he came to visit Tennesse, my sis and I were prepared. With shovels....For some reason, I have no idea why, we found it extremely fun to dig holes outside..My granddad found this amusing, so he told us we were digging to China. So every time he came to visit, we got out the little shovels. And he sat outside for hours with us, digging to China, and making us laugh with silly songs and stories. He was the best comics reader. He always made them so interesting and I would beg for another story. He made the best pumpkin pie and knew how much I loved them. So always he would have one for me when he knew I was coming to visit. He later taught me how to make them, although I could never do it like granddaddy. He knew I loved his gourds he grew, and every fall he had some waiting for me.He played backgammon with me, which I admit I never really understood. Still don't lol....basiscally he played both sides of the game, because I just moved where he told me.Then I would tease him when he won, saying. YOu told me to move there. Lol.His basement was a fascinating place and he always let me explore everything there and would tell me what the stuff down there was for. He was a man of habit for sure, and always ate the same cereal the same way every day. Any time I came to visit I knew I would have my cereal fixed for me and waiting with an orange beside it when I woke up...Special K flakes, honey wheat germ, and fiber one made for an amazing combination. HE was silly and loved to laugh and play. some of my favorite recent memories was him playing cars with my son Alex. Here was a 90 year old man getting down close to the floor to play cars with Alex. He would also play checkers with alex and would fascinate Alex with stories from growing up and old cars. He played with me,and was still playing with my kids even right to the end of his life. I think that is where I got my love of fun. My granddad left quite a legacy and made me think of what my great grandchildren might say about my legacy someday. He was an incredible daddy to my mommy, and a extremely loyal faithful husband who doted on my grandma. I fully believe it is because of this my mom would not settle for anything less than the best in a husband.Her daddy was a great example, so she picked the best. My daddy! ANd my daddy was the best which led me to not want to settle for anything less than the best, and I got to marry my incredible husband todd. I fully believe that is a direct affect of what kind of man my granddaddy was. Also he was a true servant. He was delivering meals on wheels to the litt le old ladies, he would grin and say..When he was 80 plus!!!!And it brought him such joy.Wow!HE loved to serve others. My mom learned that from him and now she is that way. Hopefully someday people will say that about me too. Grandaddy was a loving forgiving man. He had some life circumstances that could have left him bitter and hard hearted, but he was the opposite of that. HE was loving and forgiving. He left a legacy!I want to leave a legacy too!

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