Friday, March 18, 2011

The Body of Christ

I know..that might bring to mind the old school Christian song. How beautiful the body of Christ. But oh so true. HOw beautiful the body of Christ has been to me, Todd, Alex, and my little Matthew. When we did foster care training, they had us draw a diagram of the people in our life who could be resources for us as foster parents. I had so many to draw on the diagram. Because I am part of the BODY of Christ. And boy this week have I seen in. Having three ER Visits with Matthew, three 911 calls in two days. a trip to the ICU and a going on four day trip to the hospital brings out the needy in you. And boy has the body of Christ responded. Everyone has fallen in love with our new privledge from the Lord Matthew. ANd they have shown him the love of Jesus like you could never imagine. So while these few days have been tough..YOu guys have been the hands and feet of Jesus. YOu guys have prayed for my little guy. Brough food to me in the hospital. Text me to check on us.Sent balloons to our room to keep him happy and occupied. Came to pray with us. Kept my little boy.Wow. I could go on and on. Thrown me a suprise bday party prayed for and annointed me(my thursday night ladies)...ANd my family. Wow. They have watched my little man and made sure they loved on him(Mammy-you are the best)....They have slept in the uncomfortable hospital room with me and done everything matthew want(aunt nenn...not naming any names you are amazing)So body of Christ. So thankful I not only get the benefit of knowing Jesus.but benefit of Knowing Jesus through you! The best thing that ever happened to matthew is being loved on by this amazing body of Christ!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

By wisdom....The Lord laid the earth's foundation

I have been absoltuly obsessed with Provers 3 lately. I read it every day...And am wowed and convicted afresh every day as I study it....We always hear the verse Prov 3:5-6...Lean not on your understanding....Well...That is all fine and good. but whose understanding are we leaning on.....Go on to Prov 3:19-20 and be amazed. we are supposed to lean on the Lord's understanding...which is the same understanding he used to set the heavens in place...Wow..Why do I ever choose to lean on my own understanding instead of the understanding of the one who made the heavens with one word..Glory..ANd God has very much been askinWow. This has been the most intense, most wonderful,'most humbling...most amazing two months of my life...I could never have believed last february during the hardest month of my life what seeemd like the worst thing ever could result in this feb having Matthew..What a blessing! Watching matthew transfrom has been the coolest thing I have EVEr been a part of. When he came to us in dec, he could barely speak 3 words...Now he is speaking in sentences.He learns new words every day...we can go in public without making a scene.He is praying at dinner, lifting his hands to praise the lord, learning his colors, learning to dress himself, learning to run and play like a normal kid...He is going to the zoo for the first time. He is learning to sing Jesus loves me! Wow..God is healing his brain as we speak...IT is amazing to watch. HE can answer questions now. glory glory...IT has been amazing. And Alex is learning too. LEarning to share...Giving his favorite toys to matthew.Praying for matthew.Asking for treats for matthew.Hugging and looving his big bro. Even when matthew is very agressive and picking on alex, alex just keeps right on loving him. THrough matthew, alex is learning to live out the meaning of his name helper of mankind..who is like the Lord! Wow..
But boy have I needed the wisdom and understaning of the Lord in more ways than I could ever imagine! Have I needed to fall flat on my face and say jesus help me more than ever. And His wisdom and understaning even more than ever. Brining a traumatized child into your home is always hard..espically hard if it is a child with disabilites who cannot communicate very well..There have been many struggles.but God has been so faithful. I love how God orchestrated this journey every step. His understanding..His plan for what went on in my life last year was way better than I could imagine!I had no idea when I was leaning on my own understanding, wondering why god wasn't answering my prayers..THat He was waiting on perfect timing to answer..SEnding his perfect child for us to take care of...Matthew is better than I could have asked or imagined! This morning I was reading my bible in my fav pink chair. At 7 matthew slowly came down the stairs. He gave me his huge smile, then ran to my arms, curled up like a little baby...And I rocked my 54 pound little love and prayed for the plans God has for him. Trusting God is hard..But HIS plans are always better!~