Friday, May 24, 2013

What makes me come alive:) Jenn, you have done so much to teach me about that. I have been thinking recently about what has made me come alive in the crazy past two months I had. And honestly. There has been so much! IN the worst times of my life ever...I experienced God and his grace in new ways. And that makes me come alive. It makes me come alive that my life basically stopped for 2 months. and I learned alot during that time of stillness. It reminded me how much of a priority I need to make my marriage. IT has given us much time together. In fact, I will be sad when Todd can drive again and doesn't need to rely on me again. I will always cherish the early morning rides to work and picking him up from the bus stop after work.IT makes me come alive that I got to go to physical therapy for my fractured arm..and that I got to see results. After 6 weeks I can do things I couldn't do before. It is neat to see progress. ANd Todd told me yesterday he loved my arms...bonus points from working out at physical therapy lol:)IT makes me come alive how much the body of Christ has been generous and loved on us so much! God's people are more than amazing. I feel so loved.Watching God answer prayers has made me come alive. And watching each milestone in Hope's and Alex's life has made me come alive. I took so much for granted before. I don't want to miss one single moment!Also I have never been one to struggle with anxiety. And there has been some struggles since the accident. Espically in the car.But it makes me come alive that God is teaching me through it!And bringing freedom through it. I have so much to be thankful for! So Jenn. Thanks for teaching me to come alive!