Monday, August 17, 2009

First Birthday festivities!

This is how I feel after all the birthday festivities I have had! I loved turning one, all the attention, family..and cake. but now I am just plain worn out. I decided to nap in the swing grammy and gramps gave me!
I can't tell you how much I love cake! Mommy usually wont let me eat with my hands. i was slow at first, not wanting to get in trouble. but this quite possibly is the happiest day of my life!
I love this stuff! I loved my monkey mommy made(not a bear daddy)
I got to play with my cute cousin Marietta. she is so much fun.
I love Noah's Ark theme. Mommy is so creative:) Aunt Jenn is awesome. She worked so hard!Her and mommy stayed up till two in the morning to make my girafee, lion and monkey:)But they had fun and were excited how it turned out.
Mommy was so excited to have her cousin Jeanan and her daughter anna beth there.
Family pic.
On thursday before my big party I went with mommy and daddy to the free discovery museuam night. I ran into my good friends Jeremiah and his mommy and daddy beth and bob. we were pretending to be dinosaurs.
Daddy and I had so much fun playing at the museum.
I liked the big water the best!
Look there is two of me! This is my birthday trip to the discovery museum thanks to aunt JEnn's wonderful friend sandra rose. I had a blast!
MaybeI'll be a doc when I grow up.
I liked to play music at the museum.
More fun in the water.
Here I am in my birthday outfit. Mommy tried to make me wear this crown. It didn't last long.
I'm ready for a day of fun.
Remember that gingerbread man from when I was one month old. He was way bigger than me. Now I am way bigger than him:)
On my birthday I had pancakes for breakfast with daddy. I love having birthdays!
Well Mommy said she didn't want to overwhelm everyone with pics. she will put more on later. and nana and pop, she said to tell the pics of me with you at the party got on someone else's camera. she will put them on when she goes to grammy's house. i love you guys, and I love the presents you gave me!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One year old!

My little man is one year old today! I can't believe it. I could never have realized how much I would love that little man when he was growing inside of me. What a year of blessings it has been. i can't even really put it into words. I was reading over my old journal this morning from his first few months of life. God truly taught me so much through that wonderful but exhausting time. Wow! This has been a year of completely relying on the Lord for strength and wisdom. And He has been so faithful to give it to me. I can't believe how much Alex has changed in a year. He went from a tiny little guy whose ears were the biggest part of his body, who wanted to be held all the time and loved to snuggle to a guy who NEVER slows down. He is toddling around everywhere right now. He is so curious and into everything. He is currently taking the books off daddy's book shelf:) He has the best personality. He loves LoVES people, thrives off of people and activities. He is the most flexible baby ever! He loves new adventures. HE loves animals, espically doggies. He talks all the time. (wonder where he got that from). He LOVES music, and I am already teaching him how to praise the Lord. He smiles all the time and his whole face smiles. He has the most beautiful blue eyes ever. I love watching the wonder in his eyes when he discovers new things. I love how mischevious his is, how he looks at me and laughs when he knows he is doing something he is not supposed to. He loves food(a true hand). Any food! Alex, I truly pray you will live out your name- HElper of mankind(Alex) Who is LIke the Lord(Michael). I love you Alex. I love your personality. I love your smile. I love that you talk to your animals in your crib when you don't want to nap. I love how much you love water and swimming. How fearless you are. I pray you use your passion for people and life to one day bring people to Jesus. I pray you are an evangelist like Daddy!
Ok, I have to go wipe my eyes now, then I am heading to the Creative discovery museum for a little fun with my bday boy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

4 Years of Blessing!

I love this guy so much. I cannot believe it has been FOUR crazy, awesome, God filled adventure filled years. God has done so much in four years. It seems crazy.Great is God's faithfullness! In four years we have experienced great sorrow and great Joy! We have seen God do more than we coiuld ask or imagine. We have seen God provide 2 free honeymoons,lived and served in a boys dorm for two years, spent 6 weeks in Peru, were brought to westview were todd became youth minister, moved to apison, went to Jamaica, saw God lead me to the CAC then to be a stay at home mom, watch God provde for us to have a baby, saw God provide free seminary for you, give you a job at CEF full time, seen people saved, seen God answer prayers. Became parents to the most amazing little boy.! Wow.And this has only been in 4 years. I would not want to share this adventure of a God filled life with anyone else.We cannot wait to see what other Mark 9 things(impossible with man, possible with God) things God has planned for the next 4 years!