Sunday, June 7, 2015

Intentional summer sports week.and rescue bot week to come

thanks for those of you who are hanging with me in my intentional summer.last week was a blast!hope you can use some of these ideas.Alex was privledged to be able to attend Kay McDaniels tennis camp at Lee every day last week so we decided to make Sports week our theme.We picked 2 tim.4:7 as our theme verse.I have fought the good fight.I have finished the race.I have kept the faith.Even our two year old memorized it.We talked a lot about what it means to fight the good fight,to make right choices,to keep going even when it is hArd.Monday night we invited some neighborhood kids over and hAd silly dizzy baseball races where we made ourselves dizzy then ran races against each was a blast!We emphasized running the race of faith even when it seems hard and the world tries to tell us a different way to go.Tuesday night we played family freeze tag and basketball and tennis together.Wednesday night we used string cheese as a bat and grapes as a ball and played "baseball"as our snack.Thursday we raced each other at our playground.Friday was a blast.we filled up our ten dollar plastic pool and pulled out our sprinkler and invited the neighbors,we did different races involving passing balls back and forth to the pool who could make bAll move fastest with the water hose,sprinkler races,and water hose fighting the good fight.we used as many chances as we could to share the verse and discuss fighting against temptation...Perservering in your faith,ect8.Jt tickled me so much that hope my two year could say the verse.And the best part of this was FREE😄😄 this week is rescue bots theme,which is ash ow my kids love.the focus will be Jesus rescuing us from our sins.If your kids don't like rescue bots you could do a week just with rescue personel.i am hoping a trip to the fire station will happen this week.I am updating facebook with pics from this week

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