Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Long overdue posts. So much has gone on! i will try to catch everyone up in pics

Heheh. Alex loves it when I do laundry. He likes to ride in the clothes basket:)
Alex had his first play date. With Annalee from our church who is 3 months younger than him. He loved her, and at one point I caught him trying to hold her hand.

They all had fun at their playdate.

Alex loved having family for the dedication. See Aunt Laura and Aunt Brenda I am going to put pics of you on too.

Alex loves Granddaddy.

Me and wonderful Aunt Brenda. I am not sure why I was making that face.

Grandaddy taught us to make a pie. We had a blast, and he even let me put flour on his face.

Notice the flour on us. We had so much fun.

Whit got in on the pie making class.

Gramps and Grammy gave him this for the baby dedication. He loved this little lamb, and so do I . it sings Jesus Loves Me.

The two babes read for their baby dedication. They were fasting and praying, getting all spiritual.

Alex was a wiggle worm during the prayer. He was jumping up and down.

Our cute little fam pic. What a wonderful fun time I have had lately. I have led two retreats, one for the TWC BSU(BCM) last weekend, and then this weekend Believing God retreat for the women at our church. God has taught me so much through preparing me for them. And I believe he moved through them. So I have been too busy to post pics. But I love you all, my faithful readers!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, These pics are soooo cute! It has been way too long since I've seen you all. I can't believe how big little man has gotten. We need to get together soon. Love you guys!!! Jules

Jenn said...

wow.. these pictures made my day. I must admit that I have been a blog stalker waiting for some new pictures. These are great. you look so beautiful. Thanks for showing pictures of the fam.. i love the pictures of you and granddaddy making pie.. hilarous that you pie on his face. Poor granddaddy. I cannot wait to hear all about the retreat!

Katy G said...

ok..first off..i see pumpkin pie and Whit is involved...grandaddy i'm on to you! second i am glad that i could make it to alex's special day. and thirdly thanks for some new pix. miss my family. love you!

Jenn said...

Happy almost one week until your birthday!!

angelonwheels said...


Alex is the happiest baby ever! I'm so proud of all you are doing! Thanks for posting pics. I'd love to me your grandaddy!

WonderfullyMade729 said...

Beautiful pics! Love the updates girl... Love you!!