Monday, February 16, 2009

6 montths old!

Daddy took these pics while Mommy was in the shower. I can't leave the two of them alone for a second. Even Alex looks mischevious. I have already talked to him and told him he can't have bannanas.
He is just too cute, even with the fake bananna in his hand
My two Valentine's. I'll talk more about that after you get to see the pics.
Nana and Pop and Alex at his 6 month bday party
Heheh. Little man stuck his hand in the cake.He thought it was hilarious.
HE wanted to eat his birthday cake so bad. We did let him take a little lick of the icing.
Playing with grammy at his party. He was in rare form.
Silly little man.
HE loves that ball. And the pink chair.
WEll. I can't believe Alex is 6 months old. God and I had a big ole fashion praise party that morning as I just remembered in the last six months how very faithful my wonderful God had been. How he had given me wisdom, strength and Joy as I love on this cutest blessing ever. OF course, I praised the Lord that I got to have my sis and best friend home with me when Alex was born. I love you Jenn.
I had a great Valentine's day. I am so blessed with the best hubbie ever. I can't believe God gave me such an incredible man. Handsome and a man of God! i love you Todd. He wrote me a sweet love letter and a poem on the stove so I would see it first thing in the morning. WE had a fun dinner at home. I cooked a "fancy meal" . We finallyl used our chocolate fondue pot for the first time with strawberries. it was amazing.
Well I have to go change Little Man's diaper. B ut I love you. Oh, I can't forget, i also got a sweet card from my daddy. He is the best valentine as well. I am one blessed gal!


Jenn said...

sis.. these pictures and this post made me so happy. I love that he is playing with a banana and He knows He should not be. hehehe.. sounds like you are just going to have to get over your phobia. I am sorry that i have been missing you when it oomes to talking to you. i am going to try again tonight. Thanks so much for putting up pictures of your 6 month party for him... i was hoping to see them. I love you and miss you so much. Starting memorizing the new verse.. loved it. I am glad that you and todd had a good valentines day!

Jenn said...

by the way- i love that your fancy new format (which is sooo cute ) has a picture of aunt jenn and little budro. Don't worry when I come home there will be soo many more of thse pictures to come

Kat said...

Hey lady! Your page layout looks fabulous! (hehe) I hope you are having a great week, I will give u a call soon. Take care sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

Sweety, I love you too!


Jenn said...

michelle.. did i mention how beautiful you look? remember.. psalms 124:7-8 freedom sister. I am praying for you as you prepare for the retreat this weekend!

Laura said...

Little Alex is sooo cute!!! Can't wait to see him this weekend. I am glad that you had a great Valentine's Day. Check my blog out I finally updated it. Love you all so very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at you Mr. Alex! You're such a cutie-pie. I can't wait to play with you this weekend. Tell Mommy just 'cause she doesn't like bananas doesn't mean you can't be a monkey and eat them!!

britzy said...

I love all the new pics, and I LOVE your new blog layout!!! You're too cute... Love you girl!!