Wednesday, July 2, 2008

At the banks of the Jordan River

Well, didn't that sound like a good gospel song:).....I just have to say I feel like yesterday I stuck my toe in the "jordan river" on the way to the Promised Land God has for me in this next phase of my life....Ok....sorry for the OT analogies, but I must say, God allowed me to take a HUGE leap of faith yesterday. I told my job I would be leaving after I had baby alex! Which makes me officially on my way to becoming.....a stay at home mom. It has been a lonnnng process in me really listening to the Lord and being willing to obey him and step out in faith even if I don't see how everything is going to work out. But I want to raise my "ebenezer stone"today from the banks of my "jordan river" and say thus far the Lord has helped me! God is so good and patient and loving as He has carried me to this point. ....I BElieve God, but I am praying each day for God to help my unbelief.I don't want to get sucked into the grasshopper mentality, which is so easy for me to do when I look at all the "giant obstacles" looming in front of Todd and I . I want to be like Caleb and Joshua who spied out the land and said...What giants?...OUr God is bigger. God is bigger than my financial worries.....Will I be a good stay at home momma? a good mom in general. I need to trust in him!
What is keeping you from your promised land? Believe God and stick your toe into that River. God will be faithful to part it!


angelonwheels said...

Hey girl.... Good post Are you doing believing God again? I remember that text. We had fun didn't we? Love you! You already are being a good mommy and Alex isn't even out of the womb yet!

whatanamateur said...

I'm so proud of you! You're so brave! I bet that was such a relief!!

Anonymous said...


I'm sticking my toe in too!!! Matter of fact sweetpea...let's get wet with the waters of God's faithfullness!!!!


Jenn said...

i have tried to comment on this blog a million times. I am so proud of you for jumping into your promised land.. don't worry God fights all the giants so well. I can testify! I am so proud of you and Todd... and I am quite sure you guys are going to be incredible parents.. i 'm not sure how I feel about your hubbs calling you sweetpea.. that's a little cheesy-- you'll have to cut out all this cheese around alex.. it might cause him to spit up.. heheh. .i am so excited for you guys. And well.. (sheepish grin) I've been doing some shopping online for baby alex.. i'm so excited about this whole being an aunt thing.. i fear i could get a bit out of control :-) consider your son spoiled already