Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pics from work baby shower for Alex and I:)

This was my wonderful cake for me and baby Alex. It tasted wonderful! Linz did a good job picking it out. I defionatly had 2 slices, one for me and one for Alex. And the cutest thing is you get the keep the booties and write his birthdate and booties...By the way, I'm starting a contest to guess the actual due date. LEt me know your thoughts. Whoever wins will get.....the prize of knowing you guessed right:)
Here is me and my big pregnant self, next to all the yummy food. They really looked out for me with the big bowl of salt and vinegar potato chips, which I can defionatly eat my weight in!Also, you cant see it, but JEnn, Vicki spoiled me with her yummy fruit tea. The best stuff ever!
Me and the beautiful Shawna cheesing for photo.
I just had to take a pic of Shawna's bling for you Jenn. Isn't it beautiful.
Me, making a cheesy face to cut the cake. I wore my missionary pearls in honor of you Jenn.
Sorry I didn't get more pics of my wonderful, amazing coworkers, however, as amazing and wonderful as Teresa is, the rest of the pics did not turn out, they were too dark. She admited herself she was not a photographer. So anyways. I just thought I would share Alex's first party pics with you guys!


Anonymous said...

Michelle: You look beautiful and so happy. I know Alex cannot wait to see you! I spoke with Gramps(Hand) today and I think that he is going to spoil Alex! Let me be the first to post the date that Alex will arrive! Alex will arrive on Aug. 20 and he will arrive in the morning! I will tell you my secret of how I know after he arrives. ha! Mama Ellis

Jenn said...

michelle amy hand humbert: you look absolutly beautiful. I love those pictures.. i literally squealed with deligh when i saw them. And thanks for including the picture of shawnas ring. I so wish that I coudl have been there. you and your pregnant belly look gorgeous.. i am soo excited to be an aunt and am counting down the days!! I think Alex will arrive August 18? I don't know why.. just picked that as a random date.

angelonwheels said...


You are just even more beautiful if that is even remotely possible! I love your pics! I love Shanwa's ring does she have a blog? I bet August 21!