Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random pics and Big News!

Alex loves loves to eat. This was one of his first attempts. He loves pears the best. He is so funny. IF we don't feed fast enough he sticks his neck out as far as he can and gets impatient. HE also wants to try to help with is hand.

Is that not one of the sweetest pics ever. JEnn, I am going to do a favorite things list, but this simple green swaddle blanket he is in tops the list as one of my favorite things, but it helps him sleep through the night....Also, the pacifer tops my list too. I"m not going to lie, I am a pacifer momma.

He hates getting in his car seat. that stinker. He has figured out how to bow his body so it is hard to get him in.

My fam was complaining of no pics of them. see there you are guys. They are the best aunts. We have so much fun together. this was at thanksgiving. we were laughing, and it was like 1 in the morning.

Another cute car seat pic.

well I'm sure you are dying to know the big news...Alex is so smart. He said his firstword yesterday.....And of course it was MAMA! It just warms my heart to think about it. Jenn you would be excited to know it also involved coffee. I was holding him and pourijng my morning cup of coffee and he said plain as day...mamma! Wahoo.ANd later on the morning he said dada. so todd was not left out. Heis so vocal and his personality is so much fun!
So my favorite things post....I will postthat soon.rightnow little man is crying for someattention!


Jenn said...

Wowsers. Our Alex is surely a superstar. i cannot wait for Him to say Aunt Jenn-- and then computer.. hehhe.. since He thinks that i am the girl in the box.
thanks so much for the pictures and the very exciting news.. that made aunt jenn's day. He can call me nen as soon as he is able!!

I am feeling soo soo much better.. back from the dead. I was able to go out today.. it was great to get out of the house. We went to the american club and watched the inaguration.. it was fun. Thanks so much praying for me sis. I am soo proud of our little man. I loved the pictures to.. it made me really happy.
I just posted my new bible study chapter on facebook. i am super excited about it. God really used it to speak to me also.
Oh yeah-- and little man.. way to be a man after my own heart and say mama as she was drinking her coffee.. we are soo going to be coffee drinking buddies.

whatanamateur said...

Hehehe...I see Jenn's planning to corrupt little man the way I corrupted you two with your coffee. It also starts with gas station capuccinos. It just goes downhill from there.

I love you, Michelle and I'm so excited to see pics of that sweet little man! My favorite is the snuggly burrito baby!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Dada was not too much later during the same day!!! hahaha. I love you "mama"


Anonymous said...

I want to know how Jenn gets to post so much! It'll only let me do 300 words!!! Thanks for the pic 'Chelle, but it hardly shows up???

angelonwheels said...

I cannot believe how fast Alex is growing. He just keeps getting even more adorable, if that is even possible! It was great talking to you yesterday. You are a real friend! Love you all!