Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas with the Humberts, and our Perfect Day!

The other day, we had the perfect day. It was 65 degrees outside, and Todd was on vacation, so we took a family day. God totally blessed us. we went hiking to G Creek to the bluffs....This pic is on the way back. As you can see, Alex was totally worn out:)

closer view of the sleeping hiker. Daddy did all the work, while Alex enjoyed the ride.

I love this pic on the bluffs. Alex is not a fan of his hat:)

Who knew 4 months ago that I could nurse Alex while on a mountain bluff:)He is under there snacking away.

Isn't God's creation gorgeous.

Alex loved the waterfalls.

That is defionatly a strenous hike but well worth it.

Alex and his litle hiking buddy.We had so much fun. WE hiked, had a picnic of pb a j and peanut mand ms. yum yum.we got to read psalms and sing praise songs to Jesus. After that we drove to Etowah, and went to the sundry store and scored on $1 New England coffee. Wahoo.....Then we decided to drive to CLS. WE got to visit mamma and Pappa Smeltzer. They just got a WI so we played WI with them.Then they blessed us and took us out to dinner. What a wonderful, blessed Day. Todd and I talked about 2009 and what we wanted to see God do. We didn't make it rhyme though Jenn.

This is Todd and I at the Humbert/Sluder family Christmas. WE had a great time together.

Me and my fab sis in law Kellie. I love her so much .

Uncle Tim loved playing with Alex.

Casey came to visit, and we got to go out and hang out as girls while Grammy babysat. I had so much fun with her. She blessed me so much. And I found $7 jeans with her. Glory be to tHe Lord on high. I have been so blessed and spoiled by the Lord lately. I love New Year. IT always reminds me his mercies are new every morning. New each year. I can't wait to see what he has in store for me this year. I am focusing on Choosing THIS day whom I will serve. i want to choose the Lord! Happy New Year!


Jenn said...

Hey to my favorite sis in the whole world. These pictures made my whole day.. well that is after my whole day was made getting to talk to my precious famly. I love that we got to talk on a conference call.. it felt like I was right there with our absolutly ridiculous family. I am so glad that you and todd had such a great time. I am soo excited to see what God does in the year 2009.. I loved both you and todd's themes.. but todd's john te baptist may win the prize for the most original. :-) I love ou so much and am SO excifted about what we talked about. I will be praying

Jenn said...

awwh.. i just can't quit looking at this really cute family i know called the gingerbread fam. I especially think the mom is pretty!

britt farris said...

love the new pictures girl... so good to keep up with you guys... love you!!