Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Merry Christmas-

Mommy and I making our traditional monkey bread Christmas morning. Yum Yum.! it was great Jenn, but we didn't make our biscuits by hand like you probably did,.

We did the coolest thing. My momma read a devotion about Jesus being the best gift for Christmas. My mom put the baby Jesus iin a cool gift box and we opened him and put him in the manger. However, Alex was super spiritual and put Jesus in his mouth.

There Jesus is in Alex's mouth. Where everything went this Christmas.

Alex was totally worn out by Christmas fun. He must have been too excited the night before. He would not go to sleep and wokeup every hour. he must have been waiting for santa..

Playing with Gramps. They have so much fun together.

Alex was super excited about his car seat buddies.

This is Alex's fav toy ever from Grammy and Gramps. HE LoVEd it! Of course, it also went in his mouth.

Jenn---Does this scene look familiar to you...Our crazy fam has so much fun together.

Alex and Grammy enjoying festivities.

see Jenn, we didn't forget you.....

This is my fav part of Christmas. After the Christmas Eve service at church Karen and Bill(Todd's fam) and Kellie, and my parents came to our house to eat. WE had a blast, and Daddy entertained us. That is him doing Elvis Blue Christmas.

Our Christmas Eve dinner.

See the pretty table Jenn....

Jenn, Alex is a true coffee lover. That is what I got from Todd for Christmas(Wahoo)..And Alex put it right back in his mouth...

I had the best Christmas ever. God taught me so much about it not being about gifts, but about Jesus..God becoming man. NOt just man, but a baby like Alex....Glory. Wow. It is just to great to fathom. And I can live each day in the light of his redeeming love. The best part of Christmas was talking to Jenn on the computer with our whole fam singing...And Alex smiling for her. The Christmas eve service, where our whole fam sang. And Glory Praise Jesus, our neighbors, who we invited to church, showed up. That was such a huge blessing. And then to have todd and I's fam together at my house Christmas Eve. WE are turning the Humberts into a cheesy fam too, cuz we sang Christmas songs together. It was a blast. I am so blessed. And of course having Alex makes Christmas a blast. He just ate everything though.
Well, I love all my faithful readers so much. Merry Christmas. Jenn- i can't say thanks enough for the Christmas presnet. I can't wait for us all to go to the Whitestone inn. IT will be a blast. And I will get many date nights out of my gift card!
Merry Christmas!


Leah said...

Yeah Michelle! I LOVE the pictures, my favorite, like Jenn's, is the one where Alex put the coffee in his mouth. He's defintily part of your coffee lov'in family. :) Thanks for sharing the joy. Love & miss you. Leah

Anonymous said...

Hey Gingerbread family! Just wanted to say a belated Merry Christmas! I love the pictures of all of your Christmas! I talked to your mama today. We talked a looooooong time! We had a great Christmas too. Can't wait to see you next week! Love you. Hugs and kisses to all of you, especially Alex!!

Anonymous said...

Hey again, that was me up there. I forgot to sign it Aunt Brenda!

Jenn said...

these pictures made me soo happy. maybe i should think of something more original to say.. i am pretty sure that I say that everytime that you post pictures.. you look great by the way. I am so glad that you had such a great christmas. One of my BEST gifts was getting to talk to you guys on the skype camera and see little man smile.. and to see you smile also. my favorite picture out of this is the one with alex chewing on the coffee.. i put that as my desktop wallpaper. I love you and miss you so much and can't' wait until you get to use your new skype camera so we can see eachother.

whatanamateur said...

I'm glad to see that I taught you and Jenn so well about coffee that it's already rubbing off on Alex! I love these pictures, Michelle.

It was so great to get time with you yesterday. You are just such a gift to me. I love you!