Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings!

We are so blessed. I wanted to update with pictures. This is little man's big day...He had rice cereal for the first time last night........The doctor said to give it to him because he is not eating well right now because of teething. Please pray for him..He was not sure what he thought of the cereal.

This is what Alex did while mommy and daddy decorated for christmas. He liked the lights..Check out the shoes. Tey have reigndeer on them.

Our naked Christmas tree. IT is pretty ghetto, but looks pretty decorated.

Jeanan at Thanksgiving. She is due in January. Alex was playing with her little girl Marietta.

Cousin Jason and Alex bonding at Thanksgiving. We had a great time with the fam at Aunt Brenda's.

Alex pulling up while on his tummy. cute face huh.

Alex and his mommy were playing. Is he not adorable!

Todd and Alex out on Aunt Brenda's farm.

He wasn't too happy, but we were.

AT my Aunt Brenda's catfish pond.

Joey, Alex's cousin, loved playing with Alex.

Alex drove the mule. Remember the mule rides Casey?

Alex fell asleep with Grandaddy.
I am so blessed with family and friends. I LOVE this time of year. And Jenn, we are decorating mommy and daddy's for christmas tonight. We will miss you, and take pics.
Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.


Anonymous said...

I miss Aunt Brenda's farm! Of course I remember the mule!! And the catfish pond!

I love the pictures of that sweet little man. I loved hearing him giggle when Caitlin and I were there. I can't wait to see you guys again in a few weeks!

I love you tons!

britt said...

I love your new pics girl!! little alex is getting so big and he looks so sweet! i can't wait to se ya'll again soon... love you!

Jenn said...

these pictures are soo awesome. first you look absolutly gorgeous.. that mommy glow looks great on you. Second aunt jenn is soo proud of her sweet little man alex. Budro.. you are absolutly the cutest gingerbread man that I know. thanks.. these pictures made my whole DAY!

Jenn said...

I got to see your little man and your big man on skype camera for a short time the otehr day while you were running with Team and Training. I hope that the run went well. can't wait to hear about it. Just remember I am your biggest cheer leader. Please send me your website. I am going to send a link to all your supporters and my facebook friends and see if I can ask them to send you money1 So send me the link ASAP.. it was soo good to see little man on camera. HE's adorable. And your big man looked pretty cute in his seasons greetings hat also!

Anonymous said...

Hey beautiful. I love looking at our boy in your arms. You are the best mommy! And you're the most wonderful wife! I praise God for you. I love you.
Love always,