Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holy Week pics

Little Man loving on Gramps on Easter Sunday. He did have pants on, but he is so little we have a hard time keeping pants on him. Little man snuggling with gramps.

Posing for an Easter family meal.

Jenn, I took this pic just for you.

todd and I had nusery this morning. Look how cute. Alex is listening to the story along with the girls in the pretty dresses.

Doesn't Grammy look pretty in her easter shirt!E

Katie June put her hat on Alex. He thought he should wear the easter bonnet.

This is at the Passover Seder. Alex loves his girlfriend Anna Lee, and I love spending time with Andrea.

Andy reading part of the passover. IT was such an incredible worship experience.

Elijah's plate in Passover

The table set for passover

Alex, Nana, and Daddy

Alex playing with Nana.

Alex and Aunt Kellie

Alex "hunting for eggs". Actually he was not amused, and wanted to come inside. But I tried.

I really did feel like I had a Holy week this week. I celebrated Passover Seder at our friends Andy and Andrea Nichols Friday night. What a blessing!Then we went to the Passion walkthrough play at Southern University with our neighbors Saturday. It was Incredible! Very interactive! Alex got up close and personal with some Roman soldiers. Not sure how he felt about it.WE also go to go visit Nana and Pop and aunt kellie on Thursday. Then Sat. night we were blessed to have dinner with some good friends Daniel and mary Voght. Alex loves his buddy Titus, who is 3 weeks older than him and 25 pounds! And then today, Alex spent Easter at church, with mommy and daddy in the nursery with him, then we had the best meal ever at Grammy and Gramps!


Michelle said...

Sweetheart, I loved celebrating this weekend with you. You make life so much fun and thanks for accommodating my non-cultured spirituality. Love you. Todd

Jenn said...

these pictures are awesome. Thank you so much for posting them. They made my day! You are the best at keeping me up and making me feel like I was right there with you! I miss you and I am so glad you had such an awesome easter.

Vicky said...

We had a great Easter with all of you yesterday. It was a great day wasn't it! I am glad that you'll could spend the day with us. We enjoy Alex so much! Alex is Mommy letting you play with your new toy any? You tell her Grammy said to share or she will have to put her in timeout. We love the three of you. See you tomorrow.

angelonwheels said...

I really enjoyed these and your post, but I believe you have new pics to posts no?