Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1/2 Marathon pics and more!

I think this pic speaks for itself! Glory Glory!
Kellie and Todd, my fans at Toots, which was a fun restaraunt we went too. Jenn, we were goign to continue to Corky's tradition, however, Corky's is now closed:(

Todd is the best hubbie ever. He made this shirt!

My Littlest fan!

I was ready to chow down on some ribs. I wanted to wear my medal to the restaraunt, but I felt the Bible might call that pride!

At this point, I was trying very hard to not throw up!

Me feeding little guy, while he was playing with my medal.

whoops, you already saw that one.

Hehhe. This is my a mazing running partner Kathy. She is 53! Wow. And she kicked my tail at the end. I have had a blast running with her, although you cant tell in this pic. I was really not feeling good, like I was going to throw up not good, so it wasn't the best pic. It was also 90 degrees outside!

Mile 10 I Was still happy. It went downhill after that:)

I had just finished. The dazed look on my face. Exactally how I felt;)

Mile 11! Having to dig deep inside to keep going! I was singing Hail Jesus your my king in my head to try to inspire me to keep going. I really wanted to jump in Alex's stroller!

Also mile 11. Notice my running partner Kathy in front of me. I couldn't make myslef keep up with her at that point.

My brightest fan!

Mile 10 water stop. I was still having fun.Alex didn't understand why mommy was running by and not feeding him

Mile 10 water stop.

That was at mile 2 when I first saw my fans;). I was still having a blast. It took me 45 min to get to the start because we were in the back wave. I was so excited to see Todd, Kellie and Alex. It was so fun in the beginning with all the bands and people. In fact, my coach ran up to Kathy and I and told us we were running TOO FAST. Crazy huh. I should have saved more of that energy for the end.
Thanks everyone for praying and encouraging me! What a blessing the whole experience was.

Alex loved meeting Shawna at Starbucks the other day.

Fam pic after church 2 weeks ago. I love my "in loves"

Another fam pic.

My bestest friend TJ who celebrates her bday tommorow. I love her so sos much.

Alex loves her too. He giggles everytime he sees her.

Alex and his fav buddy. Happy Bday TJ I love you.


Vicky said...

We are so proud of you Michelle! You set your goal and went after it! You worked hard and did it! We love you so much no matter what you do. I am sorry you and Todd are sick. I hope you both feel better. I loved seeing little man and you yesterday. I hope you got rested up! Love you, Mommy

Jenn said...

Hey sis. I am so proud of you. In case you did not know that read my blog post .. my sister is a rock star.. that was you i was talking about. I miss you like crazy. These pictures made me soo happy. I can totally remember that i'm glad this is over, can't get past mile 11 i'm going to throw up feeling. So I had a great day today. spent the day with my friends at an all day spa event. It was so cheap. (it was a gift for my friends b-day) started off the morning with 1 hour oil massage, then facial, then pool and sauna time, then we all had lunch by the pool (and we got to wear robes might I add). Then went up for the most awesome hair spa (who knew there was such) which involed more massage, and an awesome hair treatment.. then a mani and pedicure.. whew. I'm tired out after a glrious day-- hehehe. .but did not feel guilty beause we are out of water at our house.. so you got to take a shower somehow. I love you

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I love how you make God's activity in our life come alive on the computer blog!!!

Love you,