Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy 9 months!

9 months ago. My little little man.

You have been the biggest joy I could imagined these nine months. I honestly cannot imagine what life was like without you. I wake up every day with such joy, knowing that the Lord has given me one more day to pour into your life. I pray that you will live out the power in your name Defender of mankind who is like the Lord. I believe you are going to be a fireball for the Lord, and your daddy and I will do everything we can to pray and lift you up to Jesus every day, and to live out Jesus to the best of our ability in front of you!
I loved you so much 9 months ago when they put you on my lap. I was so sad and cried and cried when they took you away to the special care nursery. I thought you were the most beautiful baby in the world!You were so tiny. So small. Our little man.
What an adventure we had those first few months. Mommy had NO clue what she was doing, and just relied on the Lord's strength every day. Espcially those first few months when she only got a total of about 3 hours of sleep a night! God is so gracious. But I loved every minute of it! You were such a sweet little man, always stronger than you looked like you would be being so little.Well. 9 months later. I am loving watching you develop. My little man now weighs about 15ish pounds. You just graduatated to size three diapers(and mommy thinks they looks so big). You are so much fun! Mischevious as anything. I can give you a whole box of toys, and you go for the one thing you are not supposed to in the room, and laugh at mommy!You are one bundle of energy. You NEVEr stop moving untill you crash. Mommy can't contain you. You are the fastest crawler arokund, and are already walking pushing stuff around. You jabber constantly. Your favorite words are mama, dada, babab, and the ga sound. You talk to everything, from people to the stuffed animals you are currently talking too.
What a wonderful, flexible baby y ou have been. Such a great youth ministers son/being drug around from place to place all the time. You LOVE to be the center of attention and the happiest when you are around a BIG bunch of people. You never meet a stranger, and everyone says you are the happiest baby they have ever met. You love to make people smile. Youalso have a compassionate heart already, as I could see when You saw Grammy in the hospital.You love to eat of course, and have liked anything we give you. espcially lemons! Oatmeal cookies. You always think when mommy is eating she should be sharing with you. I Love it when I get to rock you to sleep for your naps(the only time you are still)I love the way you don't want to sleep at night so you bury your head up in the side of the crib. I love when you reach for e, or look up and say mamam. I love the way you adore your daddy and want to be where he is at.
You are a joy and a blessing from the Lord.


Jenn said...

Michelle-- these pictures made me soo soo happy. /You have know idea. And the post. I loved your writing the cute little note to alex. I cannot believe that little man is already 9 months-- crazy.. 9 months since I got to hold his cute little self. But don't worry I will be an alex hog soon enough. Tell him that little secret in his ear and let him know that I cannot wait. I love you and miss you. Hope that you are doing great. I cannot wait to talk to you. i have been praying for you
love you

angelonwheels said...


This is the sweetest post. I love the pics! You are wonderful! I cannot wait until Alex can read! HA!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww.....what sweet pictures of my precious great-nephew! Alex, you always look so happy! I know you just charm everybody with that sweet smile of yours. You tell your Grammy there's nothing wrong with that picture of you and her naping together. I thought it was a very sweet picture! That was a very sweet note your Mommie wrote to you! I love all of you and hope to see you soon. Michelle you're taking good care of your mama like Jeanan is taking good care of hers! Got my cast off yesterday; and am actually walking--slowly and carefully, but nevertheless walking! Love, Aunt Brenda