Tuesday, May 26, 2009

God is so good!

My fingers are nearly bursting to type out some praise to our Great God. This morning I just finished my third time of doing Believing God bible study by Beth Moore. This time I actually was the "leader" of it for a group of women from my church. I have loved the study every time I have done it, and I highly recommend it if you haven't done it. I am so sad to have finished it, and by the way, I have LOVEd the women God has allowed me to do it with this last time. What a blessing.
Well anyways. even though I have done it three times, this is the first time I have actually completed one of the assignments of making a timeline of your life by diving your life in fifths and putting it on a timeline. I am absolutely FLOORED by the faithfulness of God as I look at all HE has accomplished and done these 27 years of my life. I just want to fall on my face and worship.I thought I would share a little bit of it with you. Hopefully you won't be bored but energized on I what God can do. First of all, I am totally blessed with the most amazing fam ever. Not everyone can say that. The first five years of my life were completely happy and blessed. HOnestly i could not remember one bad thing about that time. How faithful isGod to give me such incredible parents who truly showed me so much love, and God's love. They were also faithful to take me to church where I fell head over heels in love with JEsus. From 5 to 10, I also had a great childhood. That is when my hunger for God really began. I was saved at 7 baptized at 8. NO one can challenge that. I knew exactally what I was doing. I also remember during that time my dad left a high paying job to spend more time with fam. That is just the kindof daddy I have .What a pic of the love of Jesus. God also moved our fam to OBC, where God did huge works in me over the next few years. 10 to 15 years old were not the best years at school. People can be cruel, and it is there I developed many insecurities that the Lord continues to speak truth over. However, it was also during that time I developed a love for the adventure of serving the Lord through mission trips, SFC, Centrifuge My parents were so wise to invest money in those mission trips/camps because it continues to change my life today. I am beyond amazed when I look at what God did in my life from 15 to 20! HE has taken me, a imperfect vessell, and allowed me see him do Impossible amazing things. More than I can ask or imagine. When I look back on that time in life I am astounded to see all the fruit God produced in my life. Impossible fruit. Things I can take no credit for. Looking now, my eyes are enlightened at the surpassing power of HIS greatness even when I didn't believe. HE has done exceeding abundantly more than I can ask or think. ANd finallky the last fifth of my life. Only when I graduated college, got married, served the Lord with SV, went to Peru, ,got a real non ministry job, lived in a boys dorm, moved churches, became a youth pastor's wife, became a mom and a stay at home mom. Nothing much huh. Experencied the death of several close to me. Saw God provde a free honeymoon. Wow. Not much has happened huh?:). One word I could use to describe this time in my life is faithful. God has shown himself faithful to provide over and over again. When it seemed completley impossilbe. He has directed me in ways I could not even imagine! He has proved the verse commit your way to the Lord trust in him,and HE WILL Do it.
Thank you Jesus. You are faithful! I belive, help my unbelief!


Vicky said...

We were the one's blessed by God to have you as our daughter! You have and still bless us in so many ways! God says when He looks at Michelle Amy Hand Humbert I am well pleased. We love you very much!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I'm so glad that God chose me to be in that last bracket of your life. I love you and will enjoy the next five years (or how ever long God has me here :)

Love you so much!

angelonwheels said...

What a blessing to see what God has done in you, and for you! I'm so blessed to have you as my wonderful friend!

Whitney said...

Michelle, I know that God is overjoyed at his daughter. You have been an amazing, faithful friend to me over these twenty something years, and I love u soooo much! I enjoyed our lunch date today, and look forward to spending even more time with you soon! i am so inspired by the amazing mother and wife you are, and hope that I can be the same some day! :) Love u!-Whit.

Jenn said...

Michelle.. I am believing God for a new blog entry about your life and your little man.. hehehe.. i miss you sooo much. Counting down the days. Did I mention that! I love this blog entry. I am so excited when I think about how great God has been to us!I love you

Jenn said...

Hey I just wanted to write a little shout out to Todd on here if you can pass the message on.. Happy ?Happy First Fathers Day Todster.. I know that you are such an awesome Daddy. I cannot wait to come home and be your b-day present.. hehehe. i miss you brother in law and I am so glad that you arei n our fam and such a great daddy to alex.. by the way.. i'm ready for some more alex photos and stories on camp.

let your wifey know
love you
your sis in law jenn