Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog Deliquient

This is Trease and me leg wrestling on Buck Bald. that is my new fav sport. I was laughing so hard.....Trease is such an incredible woman of God. Ihad a blast with her at camp.
This is our whole youth group plus the youth group from Decatur TN on the steps of camp.

This is our youth group up at Buck Bald, the prettiest place ever where God moved in a huge way! It was so hot, but after the sun went down it felt great.

A family shot at Buck Bald. Jenn remember last time you where up there with Todd and I 7 years ago and you knew we would get married. Crazy huh...Now we are with a little man.....God does more than we can ask or imagine!

Alex sleeping on Buck BAld, sharing a blanket with Steven.

Alex and Mamma Smeltzer the best camp cook ever.

Alex is ready to climb the climbling wall!

Me and Alex chilled like this all week. He loved riding on mommy as we walked around to the different activities.

Alex with the ladies.

We had lots of great baby sitters. This is megan a girl who received Christ at Disciple nOw. She is awesome.

Todd and Austin and Lauren jumping off the waterfall.

ME and Alex chilling at the waterfall.

Alex loves his daddy . And the front porch at CLS.

A group photo of the amazing youth God has entrusted us with at Westview. What a privlege. It was great to see God move!
So sorry guys. It has been far too long since I posted. It seems like I have been very busy keeping up with a very active 10 month old, doing VBS at church, taking my mom to physical therapy, and most recently spending a week at the greatest place ever..Camp Livingstones. I am so sorry. And Jenn......You will get to see the real thing LIVE AND IN PERSON IN THREE WEEKS. Can I get a glory hallelujah!


Anonymous said...


These are beautiful pictures. I loved it that you were at camp with me and we got to serve along side each other. Thank you for sacrificing!


Jenn said...

michelle thank you thank you for showing those pictures.. it made me so happy. makes up for your blogging diliquency.. bhatmoas (naughty... hehehe) I am so glad to see the pictures of the awesome week. I love especilaly the one of you guys on buck bald because i did know that 7 years ago you would marry todd.. cool huh. especilaly when the signs at the time were pointing to no. Miss you. It was soo awesome to get to talk to you the other day. wahoo. 19 days .. not that I am counting

angelonwheels said...

Welcome back Michelle! I loved hanging with you yesterday! Thank Grammy and Gramps for our girl time okay? Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The little cutie stars again! He's always just a' smilin' in his pictures, isn't he? I can't wait to see him again. Gosh, I can't believe he's almost a year old and Anna Beth is alreay 5 months old! They grow up too fast. I can't wait to see your sister soon too! And that means I get to see all of you! Yay!!

Anonymous said...

Love these beautiful pictures!! The one of your precious family is just perfect!! Love you!!