Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trip to the Aquarium:)

Alex had so much fun at the Aquarium with Grammy, Aunt laura, Grandaddy, and Josh and Caleb. However, by the second part, he fell asleep. Fast asleep. I think he was worn out from how much fun he had. I don't think he has ever had so much fun in his life.Crazy me. This bubble thing is actually for kids. You have to crawl to get into it. Here I am trying to get in there with Alex on my stomach. It was quite hilairous. I think I drew a crowd.

Group photo. There are fish behind us.

Alex was AMAZED at everything. ANd kept saying fishie, fishie.

He is so much fun!

He thought he could touch the fish.

I love this pic. You can see his reflection in the glass. He looks so serious HE was studying the penguins. They made him giggle.

One of the penguins swimming by him.

Family group pic . Notice Alex is eating the penguins beak.

Alex tried so hard to catch a butterfly in the butterfly garden.

He got close to one!

Checking out the critters.

Notice the huge smile on his face. He got to touch the sting rays and laughed and laughed. Don't worry, I was holding tight onto him.

At the sting ray tank. We had a blast at the aquarium today. Alex loves nature. I cant wait untill he is old enough to realize is is his CREATIVE God who made it all! The heavens declare the glory of God, the earth is full of his Glory!


angelonwheels said...

I love these! How fun!

Jenn said...

Several thoughts:

1) you look absolutly GORGEOUS.. amazing.. beautiful.. several words I could use to describe you
2) I cannot wait to be a real live in person aunt to the cutest little boy in the world.. I mean CUTEST.. I cannot wait to play with him, hear him giggle.. spoil him
3) I should not have looked at these pictures so close to bedtime.. now I am so excited I cannot sleep
4) Mommy also looks gorgeous.. she's getting SKINNY (tell her I said that)
5) At first I was sad looking at these pictures-- oh I wish I could be apart of thingsf like that.. but wait.. in 11 days I AM LEAVING to come HOME.. glory
6) I wanna take alex to the creative discovery museam.. the truth is I wanna go.. so we can use Him as an exscuse
7) I also wanna see the penguins.. can we go again and use Alex as an exscuse
8) If He loved that so much imagine How Much He would LOVE disney world.. just a thought
9) 11 days
10) i love you and miss you

Anonymous said...


I love to see Alex having a blast with his mommy and fam at the aquarium.


angelonwheels said...

Hey girl... Are we meeting this week. I'm free Friday. I know we will NOT meet the next week* smile! Love you!

Whitney said...

These are fantastic pictures...i can't believe how big he is getting!

Anonymous said...

Precious precious pictures of Little Man! He is very very photogenic! I know all of you had a good time; and yes I think you should use Alex as an excuse, Jenn! Love, Aunt Brenda