Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Preggie pics for Jenn

Todd, Alex and Me
This is me and Alex
This is our gingerbread fam that will be going in Alex's nursery that his grandparents so generously bought for him.
This is me and Todd and our gingerbread fam!

This is me and my cute hubbie and Alex after putting on the Ritz


lyndsayslaten said...


angelonwheels said...

I LOVE THEM! You are beatiful! You have the preggie glow!

Leah said...

Wow Michelle, you look adorable pregnant!!!! Thanks for putting preggie pictures on your blog. Jenn told me they were on here so I had to stop by and look. :) I'm sorry I don't talk to you more, but I love you and miss you alot. I'm glad I get to hear alot of updates on how you are doing via Jenn.

Anonymous said...

If yall need any clothes we have some that you can have. Give us a call some time..
Phil and Crystal Horner

whatanamateur said...

You look radiant, my friend. Love you tons and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!

Jenn said...

you are beautiful... i think the most beautiful preggie woman ever. IT was great to talk to you and see you the other day. i love you and i am soo proud of my litle gingerbread fam.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie! You are so wonderful, beautiful and incredible. I'm so blessed to be married to you.