Monday, May 19, 2008

my preacher man hubs and more

First, in this blog ,i wanted to give a shout out to my wonderful handsome preacher man. I've never seen a more handsome man preach as I did on Sunday morning...hehhe. Sorry Sterling, but I am a bit biased. I was so proud to hear Todd on sunday morning. God truly spoke to him. Nothing makes him more alive than him sharing the gospel, and he did it in such a clear wonderful way. As I was driving toward Knoxville for bridesmaids dress shopping, I just couldn't help but thank God He had given me such a wonderful man of God as a hubbie. I know he is going to be the best daddy to alex.
Bridesmaids shopping with Shawna was fun. I kindof had to make a shot in the dark to decide what size I will be seven weeks after little alex comes into the world...HOpefully I made the right decision. I loved the dress! Latte brown with a clover green sash, and peek a boo slip. It is a very flattering dress, and hopefully will look good on me even post baby:)Shawna was the most gorgeous thing though. The dress she bought was beautiful. I love how faitful God is to bring her and Harrison together. Isn't God just so faithful!
With all the drama Todd and I have had with our cars lately, I have defionatly been learning how much unbelief in God I still have. He is so big if we can just see that we can trust him it makes life alot easier. And he has defionatly come through in our car situation. THe red car is finally driving legally, after we got it out of the shop and passed our emissions test! The green going bye bye......But the insurance company is giving us above and beyond for it! Praise God. Pray for us as we look for another car!
God does more than we can ask or imagine!


whatanamateur said...

I'm so relieved that you're getting a good amount for the green car!! Good for you! Praise the Lord!

I miss you and can't wait for our little get away!!

Jenn said...

awwh.. i just left you the funniest comments and it deleted them.. let's see if I can remember them in random order
1) i cannot believe they gave you that much for the green machine-- the same green machine where the gear shift didn't change due to coffee spillage by an unnamed girl, green machine with encounters with mailboxes and gasstation pumps, power steering fluid holes.. the list could go on and on
2) it's much cheaper to have a baby in nepal.. no drugs available.. but it's cheap.. just a thought
3) it's a sin I think to think the preacher is sexy while he is preaching (i think that is in the bible somewhere)
4) I have a great cinnamon roll recipe i need to send you betty crocker wanna be
5) i miss you and love you like crazy