Monday, May 26, 2008

Family fishing contest winnner~

Notice that my fish is much bigger than my hubbies fish:) I caught a keeper that time. He did not:)
Another shot of my fish which is bigger than his:) Doesn't my dad loook like a serious fisherman in his hat.
Aren't we cute in our bright lifejackets:)
We had so much fun going out on the boat with the fam.

My mom's fish is bigger than my dads. Notice a pattern? I was so thankful to my parents for letting Todd and I share the boat on Sat for a nice relaxing day on the lake. We got to fish, eat hamburgers on the boat, and Todd and I even went for a very cold swim...Alex enjoyed his first swim.
And I won the family fishing contest. LEt's just say...I've got skills!


Anonymous said...

I've always heard that who ever catches the biggest fish has to clean the rest of the fish caught that day! soooooo, Michelle did you clean all the fish?? ha! ha! Mamma Ellis

Jenn said...

hamburgers on a boat with my awesome family-- if i closed my eyes and pictured myself there i would think that i had died and gone to heaven.. although you know that if i had been there i would have soo won the fishing contest.. i would have kicked your tail in a very loving way. i am soo glad that you posted pictures.. these pictures are making me very very happy-- i hope that you will continue this trend with baby alex pictures. i love you so much

angelonwheels said...

I just have to give a tumbs up to my mom on her comment. Good one! Great pics girl! Give your parents a hug for me!

Anonymous said...

Don't let Michelle fool you..the only reason she caught the bigger fish was because I baited her hook!!! j/k.

Love ya' sweety!