Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm a ROCK Star! And glory to God

Yup. YOu read that right. THanks to some really cool middle school and high school girls I got my day in fame this weekend at Disciple Now. I spent the weekend with some of the most fun girls every. Six precious girls from our youth group. And despite being very sleep deprived, we had a BLAST! I defionatly don't have much of a voice today, because I rocked it out with the coolest play station game ever. Sing Star by PlayStation. IT is like glorified karaoke, with the words on the screen, and a music video playing. YOu battle against someone else singing in the microphone. I can't tell you how much fun I had untill 2 in the morning. Those girls think I am crazy. Friday night, Shawna and I battled it out. WE tried alittle ARetha Franklin RESPECT. Let me tell you,we both stunk, but it was a blast. Me and one of the youth also battled it for a fresh Prince rap song. They didn't think I had it in me. THey obviously don't know me very well:)hehheh.
Another fun story, then I will share the God stories. We played the best game on Sat against the boys called Bigger and Better. We had two hours and seven nickels to find the best and biggest thing we could trade for. WE had a BLAST, and defionatly won the contest. We ended up with a sled, an expensive baseball card album,a headboard, and an old tv. But the winner was...An old dryer from Connaly and Vicki's house. Glory! And the best part was the boys had already been there and asked for the drier and he said no. You should have seen those girls loading the dryer onto conally's truck. It was hilarious! The boys did get some cool stuff though, a big light up Christmas decoration, a cd tower, a shelf, a dog feeder and a piggy bank. Because the girls won, the guys had to serve us breakfast sunday morning. It was hilarious!
Well God did Big things in the girls this weekend. I could not believe how much God used TJ Friday night. SHe was AMAZING and spoke exactally what the Spirit had for her to say. SEveral of the girls just completly broke! Glory Glory Glory! The girls could not stop talking about her all weekend and what God had done through her. Thanks so m uch TJ for being a blessing. Shawna was also a huge blesssing, and a perfect follow up to TJ. God used her to show practical tips of how to grow in God. I know the girls walked away learning big things to change their lives! God also did things in the guys lives as well. Josh and Zack did a wonderful job. The boys seemed to have a blast. I just want to give God praise for what he did, because there was ALOT of spiritual warfare leading up to this weekend. ANd praise be to God for giving Todd wisdom to plan all this and put it together. I am so proud of him.
Finally, God is convicting me this week about giving Glory to God! Sterling preached on it on Sunday morning, and on there is a great blog about it. We should be praising God out loud all the time! Praise you Jesus!

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angelonwheels said...

Hey you! I had a great time with you and the girls Friday night. God is so good isn't he? I love your title! Thank you for asking me to be part of D-Now! I loved it! I love you miss rock star!