Thursday, March 20, 2008

ParDiem meals and more

Oh the sweet glories of Par diem meal money. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, I have been away since Tuesday morning in Huntsville Alabama for the National Symposium on Child Abuse. The Lord really blessed me, because I got to go with Lindsey, who is just a wonderful great friend. We had a wonderful relaxing time together.(besides the 8 hours a day of sitting in classes hearing awful stories about child abuse).
but anyways, about the money. I love the fact that we get $33 dollars a day to spend on meals, and the only meal we really had to buy was dinner. So Lindz and I got to eat out, and not feel guilty at all. That makes this pregnant girl very happy. We ate Thai food that was AMAZING, and then the next day ate at TJI Friday's. Not to mention the best part. I ate a whole Chili's molten chocolate cake by MYSELF! Well, me and the baby ate it, so that is a good excuse right!
Anyways, enough boring info about food. The conference I went to was really good. ONe class I went to really pricked my heart. It wasn't just about sex abuse, it was about sexual exploitation of kids. Where Children are being sexually abused for money or other "prizes". This includes things like child sex trafficing, WHICH OCCURS IN THE US! The avg age for a prostitute to begin that life in us is 12 years old!!!!!!!!! What!The session just really opened my eyes to this problem, and how unfair it is to the women and children involved.I pray God allows me to do something about it someday...or now...Who knows. But He defionatly stirred my heart. Over 300,000 children were sexually exploited in the US in 1999. The numbers have really expanded since then. Please take time out to pray for these kids.
On a less serious note, I also sat in on a class about temper tantrums taught by a VERY famous pediatrician who writes happy baby and happy toddler books from UCLA. It was quite interesting. i'm sure I agreed with his methods, but it was neat to get to hear someone like that teach.
2 more weeks untill I find out if baby is boy or girl!


Jenn said...

hey sister.. i just love readig your posts. they are so hysterical.. i am jealous about the food tha tyou are eating though-- and i don't like it to much that I don't get to eat all that! :-) Although we are having a hotdog roast and smore making party with shyam and their family and matt and ashley tonight because i happened to mention that i had some leftover marshmellows from when casey came.. i am excited. i love you so omuch and i hope that you have an incredible easter. Mine has been awesome. I can't wait to find out if i will have a niece or nephew. i love you

angelonwheels said...

Hey Michelle,

I wonder who loved that cake mor you or the baby? Ha! One child being abused is far too many. Thoose stats are just heartbreaking! Oh Jesus, please heal thoose precious ones whoose hearts and wounded and scarred by such senseless and evil abuse.

Thanks for coming to church last! It was great to worship with you guys! Happy Easter! I love you! I think we should take bets on the gender of your baby! lol -Teej

Anonymous said...

Hey sweety! I just checked your blog to see what you'd written. I'm so glad you got back home safely from your trip.

just a note to tell you I love you.