Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Doctor's Appointment and Beating the Devil at His Game

I'm trying to be as cool as Jenn in her titles. I just wanted to say a glory hallelujah for a wonderful doctor's appoinment yesterday. I just love that whole office, and the doctor. They make me feel so comfortable. I got to hear our baby's heartbeat yesterday. What an exciting experience. I even could hear it kick a few times. It was an active little thing, with a heart beat of 150 beats per minute. They want a baby's heartbeat to be between 130 and 160 so perfect heartbeat. I can't believe there is this little person inside of me. Wow! I am amazed at the wonders of God. They said the baby was growing well, and next time I go the uterus will have stretched up to my belly button. Wow. the nurse told me in the next few weeks I can kiss my normal clothes goodbye! That the baby was fixing to go through a huge growth spurt, and next time I go to the doc I will be unable to fit in my fav jeans. I promise I will take pics of my growing baby..April 1st I get my next ultrasound. And then I will know if we are having a baby girlie or boy. I can't wait...!!!!
So I heard the most exciting thing today. That Satan knows how to demoralize us, but watching what our biggest fears"m going to fail God...Or I am a horrible wife...Or i will never amount to anything, and then finds every way in the world to point those things out to us in a way we believe him. He has done that to me in so many way...Espically with the horrible wife lie. But we can combat him with who we are in Christ. Blessed, chosen, adopted, redeemed, accepted, and Forgiven! I want to start combating Satan's lies, his cashing in our fears and insecurites with those truths, and I am believing He is Going to Run for the Hills! That is almost as good as getting a cow to move Jenn in Jesus name!
If you are reading this please pray for Disciple NOw this weekend., for all the details to fall into place, for students to come ready to learn from the word, and for God to move in big ways. Also pray for the guest ministers, Josh Gann, Zack Devau, Tj Ellis, and Shawna Whiting. I am believing God to do HUGE things for his kingdom this weekend.


Jenn said...

hey sis.. your title was great.. and you changed your page look up on me... exciting stuff.. so i miss you alot and i can't wait to talk to you and hear what God is doing. I want to try to possibly call at some point while you guys are in disciple now.. wouldn't that be awesome. I am not sure when but i am also going to try to call you this week. I am so glad that your doc appointment went so well and that fine atheletic future marathon runner/mt everest climber with his aunt nephew (or niece) is doing so well and has such a strong heartbeat.. it seems as if i am as excited as you are.. i talk about him/her all the time! I am so excited to see casey and am sad that i don't get to see you.. but she has seen you so that maeks it almost as cool. I have had a really great week and i loved your reminder about not listening to satan's lies.. oh how he loves those. I am learning so much more about relying on the truth of God out here.... it's to wearing out to try to fight the spiritual warfare and satan's lies.. so it's been cool to watch satan fight for me. and i think you are a wonderful wife.. then again.. heheh.. i'm your twin sister and not your husband.. heheh.. just tell him that you are a golden retriever :-)

angelonwheels said...


I love the new look of your blog! Great title too. I am so excited about D-now! Glad the baby is well. Hope you are feeling better. Your insights were helpful and reminded me of when we did believing God! I plan to update my blog after D-Now, but I was hoping Jenn would see her video first!

I love you! -Teej

Casey said...

You have such a rock star team of guest ministers! I don't know Zack, but everybody else totally rocks. I wish I could be there with you guys! Well...sorta. I'm kind of ecstatic over where I'll be headed.

I'm just so glad that your doctor is working out for you. I love you a ton! I can't wait to come take sweet pregnancy pictures!