Monday, March 3, 2008

Glory! Glory! An activity free weekend!

Can I just say Glory! I had the best, most relaxing weekend I've had in awhile. One that was desperatly needed for me and my hubbie. On Friday night, we had a wonderful dinner with Jack and Polly Noonan, and some of their five kids. It was a blast. It was so good to see them again. They are some of the most real people I have ever met. They really encouraged Todd and I , and we asked them tons of questions about raising kids. Since they have a wee bit of experience. Todd was hilarious. He came with a list of questions to ask them. God has just really been blessing Todd and I with couples lately to really speak into our lives. And can I just say, Polly can make any green veggie taste good. She had some very yummy healhty food to eat.
Sat. morning we slept in...Till 9:00! Glory Glory Hallelujah. Todd and I spent the rest of the day together. We did a devo together, then made breakfast together. (homemade whole wheat pancakes. I won't admit to you how old the buttermilk we made it with was...hehhe. Buttermilk is already sour milk right).......Then we took a nap. Yup. we were totally lazy. Then we went out into the glorious 70 degree sunshine and played tennis together. Fianlly we went together to watch a youth basketball game, stopped at the grocery store, and stayed at my parents house for the night since they were gone. It was almost like we were at a bed and breakfast, except no one fixed our breakfast:) I guess the best part of the day was all the uninteruppted time with Todd. It was much much needed.
Sunday was also wonderful! Sterling preached an incredible and very convicting sermon. About bringing the sacrifice of praise! Are we praising God all the time with our words, or singing praises to him, by serving him, and by giving financially to the Lord. I want to spend my week praising God with all I do. What about you?
We ate lunch with the Millions and Jettans at Ruby Tuesday's and I most say that hamburger made this pregnant girl very happy. Then I went back to steal my parent's back porch, and sat in the sunshine and read for an hour. Praise the Lord. God really led me beside green pastures this weekend, and restored my soul..
Please pray for me. I am praising God for being pregnant, but I have been experiencing much nasuesness the past week. ANd have not been very hungry, and not many foods have appealed to me. The doc told my concerned hubbie on the phone that was normal, but I am kindof a wimp! I go to the doc tommorow, and will update more later.


Casey said...

Hey sweet girl! I'm so sorry to hear about you feeling nauseous. I'm glad to hear that you had a really relaxing weekend, though! I'm completely jealous that you got to catch up with Jack and Polly. I would love to have an update on them. I see random things on facebook and have tried to contact Polly a couple of times, but haven't heard back. I remember something about Gracie's surgery and a picture of Austin looking really bruised on the face. What is happening to them???

Love you!

Jenn said...

good gravy.. i have tried to leave a comment on this post so many times.. i am sorry because you probablly thought i wasn't reading it.. nope i read it as soon as you put it up. i am so glad that you had such a good weekend.. that makes me happy. i am glad that you and todd had a good old time toether-- and that mommy and daddy didn't show up like last time when you were staying at the bed and breakfast.. heheh.. mommy said that she took you out for dinner and that you guys had a really good time and you ordered a hamburger.. you must be missing hamburgers like me :-) I am so glad that you are doing so well mama.. and i loved getting your e-mail about the doc appointment. please keep updating your blog.. they are not boring and i read them as soon as they come up. i love you