Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yummy food and discipleship, and Infomercials

Intriguing title? WEll I must say, Todd and I are loving our Tuesday night times with the couple from our church Andy and Andrea. THey have just blessed us so much. I love being able to share struggles with them, be real with them, and encourage eachother. Andrea is very wise, and has taught me so much already. And let me tell you I highly recommend those books, for Women ONly and For Men Only. It really explains in a biblical way the difference between men and women. God has really convicted me through them. The main thing a man needs is to feel respected and affirmed. I have no problem showing Todd he is loved, but sometimes I strugglewith showing him I respect his decisions and judgement. That I trust him to make the right decisions and I don't have to be in contol. God has really been working in me in that. The chapter we studied last night was on how men are insecure, and need their wives to be their biggest cheerleaders. Espcially in their work. So I have got to work on really affirming Todd in his youth ministry. I would love your prayers and I learn and try to apply this stuff. Todd is so amazing, and I want to serve him the way God has called me too.
Besides the discipleship, I always look forward to the yummy food that comes along with our time with them. Andy loves to host. And he is good. Last night, he had marinated this London Broil meat to make fajita meat, and had all the fixings for Fajitas, and he had chocolate covered strawberries. Wow! The baby defionatly loves the food I get on Tuesday nights
So not much else is going on. I had a good time Friday night and Sat for the brief moment we got to help Grandaddy move and see the fam. Although I am not much help when it comes to moving...hehhe. This pregnancy thing can be a good excuse to not work..I'm sorry...I can't lift boxes....I will just eat my biscuit and watch you work. It was sad though to see Grandaddy move. Many memories came flooding back. Mainly Jenn at how lame we were. WE were amused for HOURS with sponges and a water house doing our infomercials for Jergens Cleaning supplies:) What nerds......I really think I did miss my calling as doing infomercials. Maybe I should see if Ron Popel has any job openings:)hehhe


Jenn said...

hey sis.. i personally think that we were the best jernegans cleaning infommercials ever. I am so glad that you had fun with andrea and andy.. i miss them. Please tell andy i miss his tear filled sunday school lessongs.. I am excited for what God is teaching you through that. I enjoyed talking to you so much on the phone the other day! I am so proud to be your sister. I know that God is using you.. don't let Satan tell you any different. Please tell my little niece or nephew hello for me.

angelonwheels said...

Hey Girl I bet Peanut did enjoy those yummy covered Stawberry but I bet Mama Humbert loved them too! Sorry I missed you yersterday. Hugs! P.S. Remember when someone wanted to be an underwear model back in the day???! lol

Casey said...

You would be PERFECT at doing infomercials!!! You're just so enthusiastic about things. That's hilarious because I could totally see it! You and Jenn together would be a winning combination. The two of you could sell anything! I love you tons!