Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No more cheesy posts Jenn:)

Jenn wanted to make sure there would be no more cheesy love posts. So I will try to tone down the cheesiness for a few days at least. Untill Shawna and I can post pics of our Valentine's dinner with our wonderful men, who cooked steak, baked potatotes, fried apples, chicken, and brocolli salad. It was amazing. And shawna and I were defionatly hungry and cleaned our plates.
Not much new going on in my world. I am officially and old pregnant woman, since I went to bed at 8:45 on Friday night. Hehehhe. Todd has a real partier for a wife huh. It was a nice relaxing weekend, and Todd and I went Sat night to eat hamburgers with Karen and Bill. It was so good to see them,and Bill always spoils us when we come to visit with brownies and icecream.hehhe. he knows my love language:) Is this post starting to make you hungry?
So praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Todd and I got together with andy and andrea, a young couple from our church last night. IT was a blast, and so encouraging and challenging. We are starting to study the books for Women only and For Men Only together. It is all about how to honor our husbands in the way they need us to and how they can show us love the way we need it. Chapter One was super convicting. It was so great to have Andrea to talk to and hold me accountable. We have so much fun together. This is something I have been wanting for awhile, and am so blessed by them. We will continue to get together every Tuesday night.
Well I'm sorry this post has been incrediblly boring.But I hadn't updated in awhile, and wanted to give Jenn something to read other than cheesy Valentines. Remember this week God still works miracles!


Phillip and Crystal said...

Congrats on the new baby coming!
Phil and Crystal Horner

Jenn said...

hey sister.. i love you and i am really really appreciative of the fact that this was not a cheesey love post. :-) (although i am glad that you and todd are in love) I am going to try realy hard to call you tonight. i miss you so much and i can't wait to talk to you.. you rae talking to the baby about me aren't you :-) I e-mailed you so check your e-mails.. oh yeah and don't forget today is casey's birthday.