Monday, December 3, 2007

New blog for Jen:)

Jenn:) I am giving in to your request, even if you are the only one who reads this! I am now a blogger too, so you can keep up with the little details of my day. Although they are defionatly not as exciting as yours. I am not sure if other people will read this or not, but I hope so.
so yesterday was a great day. I got to spend all day with youths that I love:) We had a handful of youth who were troopers and participated in their crazy youth minister's plan to skip lunch and pray for the hungry and go to a neighbor hood to collect cans and share the gospel. It was so much fun. The youth were great, with some even walking up big heels in hills. God moved and it was a great way to get them out of their comfort zone.
They had a great attitude most of the time about not eating. Except some of the guys who were even trying to steal goldfish from little innocent three year old Austin:) But he wouldn't give into their demands:)
Then we loaded up a bunch of people and did our Christmas caroling to the shutins. It was such a blast and really reminded me I need to minister to those sweet older people more often. Todd and I loaded up the big blue van and took most of the youth with us.
Finally we ended up with a soup dinner at church. You should have seen us and the youth throwing down the soup. WE were Hungry:) It really did remind me of the people who go for days without eating. And I complain about not having enough money. God has given me everything I need!
Well that is enough for now. Tonight is the big Hand family decorating. Jenn it wont be the same without you, but I will be sure to put up snow bell my favorite ornament in honor of you:) ANd the wreath you made with such symetry!


Jenn said...

hey girl.. for some reason it is not letting me comment on your blog .. but i am soo stinking excited that you have one.. that's just awesome!! :-) I am going to read it faithfully everyday because i love you and miss you soo much.

angelonwheels said...

Hi Michelle,

Your blog is so cute, I will read them if you want too. I had a great time with you Sat. Thank Todd for letting have you for awhile! Love u!