Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas fun:)

Wow. What a wonderful Christmas I had. I so much enjoyed time with fam, although of course my favorite member of the fam was missing:)
After a long Christmas Eve at work, i headed to the Christmas Eve service. What a blessing to hear from my wonderful sis that night. I loved that part. And my dad rocked it out on the guitar, and played an awesome version of Mary Did you KNow. Then we went back to the rents house and spent the night. We had Moe's delcious sphagetti, which I haven't had in forever and laughed and laughed. You know we get crazy around the dinner table. Tood and I ran to our house to open our gifts. He was so thoughful and got me a beautiful jewlery box.(to put my new pearls in Jenn). He also got my wedding ring fixed which was the best present:)
Then we went back to the rents house and watched a movie in the "theater" Christmas with the Cranks had me laughing my head off, esp since that woman reminds me so much of me. Remember her Jenn. Who had to wear her Christmas vest.
I was like a little kid Christmas morning. I woke up before it was light outside, waiting on everyone else to get up.
What a blast we had opening presents. OF course we all know the big present. And the big suprise went just as we hoped. More on that later. After present opening we ate the traditional monkey bread. Yum yum. then todd and I hit the road to visit Karen and Bill and Mamaw. We had a great time, then headed back to the rents for another movie watching party...before that , we ate a huge feast mommy had cooked. Wow. It was amazing. WE watched Joe Somebody which we gave daddy for Christmas, and of course I feel asleep before it was over.
So that was our fun Christmas. I will post a few pictures later, if I can figure out how, but we had a blast.!
Praise God for the giving of his son! I want the Father to be glorified this year by me bearing much fruit.


Jenn said...

hey siser.. thanks so much for the blow by blow of christmas. I am still downloading all the pictureas but they make me soo happy. It's awesome to see you guys and it makes me feel like i am right there . THere are several pictures that i really appreciated so far.. especially the one of my spoon snowman, and the wreath that i so wonderfully color coordinated in first grade. I am glad that you were so impressed by that that you took a picture! I missed you guys but God was truly good because i wasn't to homesick or depressed or anything-- of course i missed you but i really did have a great christmas. :-) And I got your package and love loved it. my friends in nepal were so happy for me because they are always making fun of me for wearing the same thing over and over. I wore the red shirt with white ( i think it's supposed to be a running shirt but i am so in desperate need of clothes that i wore it as a cute shirt because i loved it) all day and my american friends were quite impressed. I also bought this amazing scarf to go with it.. you would love it. so i will have to send you a picture. ok.. i love you soo much.

Madeline Ellis said...

Todd and Michelle! Congratulations! I love the pic of your baby! I love the count down of the days also! I look forward to seeing both of you in person. I am praying for both of you. Momma Ellis