Thursday, December 6, 2007

Coffee....and gingerbread..mmmm

WEll I am one happy girl. After doing my presentations at Arnold today(and speaking to about 60 fourth graders at one time), I stopped at Pathway and got a gingerbread latte. Glory to God. IT was half price latte day:) ..JEnn. YOu have totally fed my addiction to coffee.
Speaking of coffee, I have had some very convicting coffee dates with Jesus lately..(with my pumpkin pie creamer).....God has shown me so much through the patriarch bible study. I am so often like Rachel and Leah, wishing my life away on my own obsessions...or idols..INstead of reveling in each moment God gives me. I have all realized that I forget sometimes that God is my EL Shaddai, my all sufficient one! He is enough for me! He is all I need(I don't even need coffee)....I pray I can begin to allow Jesus to be my only obsession.
WEll I am so pumped tommorow is friday. Gingerbread man and I will enjoy our wonderful blessing from the Lord and JEnn, my incredible sis. We will get to spend a romantic evening at the Choo Choo, and then enjoy the Aquarium, Rock City, and the Imax. JEnn----are you trying to become an aunt or what;)hehhe.
I pray everyone who reads it...i mean..the two people who read this(jenn and teej) will allow the Holy Spirit to show you if you have any obsessions in your life you need to give to God


Jenn said...

hey sister-- ok now if i become a aunt do not blame me.. hehehe.. i just got back from a mini vacation myself-- although it took a 7 hour bus ride to get there we went to see some incredible mountains.. it was awesome!! i hope that you have an awesome awesome time together with Todd. I love you sis

angelonwheels said...

Great entry! Have a great weekend with the gingerbread man, maybe you will come back with a baby gingerbread in the oven, but remember God has his best for you in his time. Love you! Thanks for the entry!