Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas party chaos and more

Sorry for the delay in posting...for my two loyal readers. The past few days at work have been crazy but fun. I have been balancing doing my normal job(i.e. going in the schools) with preparing for the annual Christmas client party. And Jen you know how crazy that is. We needed you to wrap presents yesterday:) It was a great time at the party though to see some of those kids get so excited about those presents. It makes my job even more fun than it already is(I mean how much more fun can you get when you play with puppets every day). There were black trash bags filled with presents everywhere.
It is hard to get excited about christmas when it is 70 degrees outside though. Praise the Lord it is going to get colder outside this weekend.
By the way, the rest of our fun getaway weekend was amazing. Jenn I can't say thank you enough. It was such a blast and a great time for Todd and I to enjoy eachother and also apply some of the things we learned at the marriage conference. I am really learning to seek to love and understand Todd better instead of trying to make him think and act like me. I am also seeking to hold my tounge more and be less controlling.Sometimes that is really hard, but by God's grace I am really trying to learn to have a gentle and quiet spirit.
Have I mentioned lately that I love my church fam? I love that Todd and I get to be a part of a fam. WE feel so loved on there.
Another mention....we went to the dayton emma. christmas part last week and holly asked mommy and I to be assistant/ table leaders together in April. Won't that be a blast . I am super excited.
Well I wont bore you, but that is life lately. also pray for my gingerbread man, he is under the weather


Jenn said...

i am soo glad that you posted. I love your blog. I love how you tell me what God is doing. it makes me so happy. i can imagine that things are crazy at work with you. i am so excited also that you get to work the emmaus walk that's awesome. that will be incredible. So i miss you and i love love love you

angelonwheels said...

Hey girl,

Are we on for Thursday night? If we are I wanted to plan on my home health Person coming to get me ready. Good entry! Sorry Todd is feeling sickly.

Jenn said...

hey sister.. i have missed you soo much. I am really glad that i got to talk to you before my internet stopped working. So I hope that you are having an incredibly great week!! I miss you alot alot and i just wanted to remind you of that! pray my internet starts working soon i had to come to a coffee shop to get it working today

Jenn said...

by the way-- i am making 600 christmas cookies for our christmas pagent.. so i thought of you and was wondering if you would want to come and help!! ?