Sunday, December 26, 2010

Incredible Christmas!

Wow. This has been the best Christmas I have ever had...God has loved on me so much. It was just what I needed after a very stressful first few weeks transitioning to having matthew in our home. (I think it is helpful to have all the extra hands around when Im with family)...But Wow. A white Christmas. ANd getting snowed in at my parents house. Unlimited family time....I couldn't ask for more. But I"m telling you the best gift this year...I have seen a little boy who came to us hardly talking, barely able to communicate, fit pictching........Kind of just there little boy..become....A shiny eyed, running around...laughing, making us laugh, talking little boy....Wow. God has already begun to transform our little matthew. Right before our eyes. It is the most exciting thing I have ever been a part of...And seeing my family and Todd's family love on Matthew. IT is the most amazing thing I hae ever seen. That little boy has us wrapped around his finger.Most of all..My hero is my little Alex. HE has adapted so quickly to having a brother in the house who requires alot of attention. He has loved on, played with, wrestled with and prayed for(and bit..and hit:) our little matthew.....God is so good. Watching Matthew transform with our love reminds me of how much God/s love transforms me:) Thank God today for loving you!

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