Friday, December 17, 2010

On life as a foster parent:)

So the Christmas story is all about interuptions:) Mary and Joseph's lives were totally interupted by God. They weren't planning to have the son of God. But they said Yes. They said I am your servant. I will do as you say....I just taught my kids sunday school class about saying yes to God. Then God asked me...Will you say yes...Will you say yes to a beautiful boy named Matthew. 4 years old with developmental level of one year old. a cute little boy partially paralyzed. ONe who has seizures. Who is so funny. Loves to smile, giggle and clap. Loves to dance..Loves to get into mischeif:)Will you say yes to interuption during the busiest time of the year:) Will you say yes...or be the inn keeper and say there is no room in this inn.Well God alone gave Todd and I the grace to say yes. We got little matthew on tuesday night. Wow! OUr lives have changed over night. But boy do I love this little guy. HE is so precious, snuggly and hilarious. I believe God for big plans for this boy no matter what medical doctors may say...And wow. Alex has said yes too. He has been amazing. HE loves little matthew. HE has been so flexible in getting a little brother overnight:) He treats him like a little brother. Now I have two little guys running around, wrestling, fighting over toys and getting into mischeif:) Wow! Alex was even in the back seat telling matthew about jesus yesterday:) WEll life has changed for me. I don't sit down. No rest.....Chasing two little ones around. Bed times and meal times have been a process. Nap time..non existant:) but through it all God has been so so faithful. I know his grace is the only thing getting me through. THe only thing giving me the strength is Jesus. I know he has called us to this. and I am clinging to the promise. FAithful is He who called you and He will do it. That is somewhere in 1 thess. Wow. Now i am off too more chasing around:)Believing God to pour into this little guy and my little guys. Merry Christmas!

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angelonwheels said...

Your entry made me smile! We could all learn something from you and Todd! Praying for you!