Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I LOVE Christmas. I love all the cheesiness about it. I love decorating the tree. I love cold weather. I love hot chocolate. I love Christmas music.....espicially the Alabama Christmas cd:) I love christmas lights. christmas cards. christmas gifts..And now I add to that. I love Alex in his footie christmas pajamas. I love watching him look at the tree and lights. I love hearing him see the tree every morning and say Lets celebrate Christmas mommy. But most of all I love teaching him what Christmas is all about....Jesus....I have done a homemade advent calendar with him this year, so todd and I have tried to do fun activities with him every day to teach him the real meaning of Christmas. Yesterday we were really brave. We did an art project..WITH PAINT!It was a blast. we had him paint all over letters that spelled hope. ANd he can already tell us..we have hope at christmas because Jesus sent a savior. Glory Glory...!
I am trying to remember that in the busyness of the season. It is all about the HOPE of Jesus. Saving me from my many sins. A baby..Alex's age when the wisemen came to visit...SAved me from my sin. WOW. This year has been long in many ways. Me wishing and hoping for another baby...But I want to remember my HOPE IS NOT IN ANOTHER BABY but THE BABY.The baby who died on the cross for my sins. Jesus Christ.....He has given me so much hope this year. ANd his HOPE does not dissapoint! Check out Romans 15:13! Have a hope filled Christmas

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angelonwheels said...

Beautiful post Michelle! I love that you are writing again!